• favourite concerts ever

    29 jan. 2010, 22h51m

    i haven't seen very many big names but who cares? i had a blast.

    1. Joel Plaskett - spring 2009
    - this was his tour for Three. absolutely fantastic songs & performance. with his dad & rose cousins & ana egge. i bought the vinyl of his album & got it signed by everyone. for his encore he unplugged everything & shouted "record this, CBC!". we all danced in the aisles. a bonus: I got to rehear the concert on Canada Live a couple months later!

    2. Final Fantasy - fall 2007
    - I had never heard owen pallett before, but before his first song ended I was an instant fan. sooo talented, with his violin & sampler pedals & angelic was really cool to hear the studio versions later & compare them to how he had layered them live. I still have the show poster & my ticket pinned to my wall.

    3. Calm Down It's Monday with The Superfantastics - winter 2008
    - this was for the CBC program Fuse, where bands would play each others' songs. a genius idea with two genius bands, both guitar-drums duos. highlights: Julie Doiron's awesome backup vocals, Fred Squire playing a counterbeat to Stephanie D'Entremont's drums, and the odd-but-hilarious stage banter. again - I got to rehear this concert on the radio!

    4. Sarah McLachlan - spring 2005
    - this was the first real concert I ever went to. I was a massive Sarah fan all through grade 7 & 8, but she still managed to blow me away live. she surpassed the recordings - her voice was flawless, even on crazy high songs like Fear. it was a perfect first show to go to, and made me respect her all the more.

    5. Rock Plaza Central - winter 2007
    - I first heard about this bluesy roots band via their cover of SexyBack (way better than the original). the lead singer, Chris Eaton, doesn't sing so much as yelp, but he was magical backed by trumpets, trombones, guitar, and a random flautist they picked up as their tour passed through Montreal. they played in an old wooden movie theatre, and the whole thing was so atmospheric it stayed with me for weeks.