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14 jui. 2008, 7h51m

Recently I went on a driving trip and realized at the last minute that I needed a mix CD to listen to or I was going to fall asleep behind the wheel. I tossed a few tracks onto a CD as I was headed out the door and here's what I ended up with:

KT Tunstall - Gone To The Dogs
KT Tunstall - Change
Andrea Corr - Amazing
KT Tunstall - Hold On
KT Tunstall - Saving My Face
Delerium ft. Sarah McLachlan - Silence
Lisa Loeb - Someone You Should Know
Charlotte Perrelli - Hero
Nelly Furtado - Say It Right
Delerium ft. Sarah McLachlan - Silence (Tiësto Remix)
Madonna - Hung Up
Andrea Corr - Stupidest Girl In The World
Andrea Corr - Shame on You (To Keep My Love From Me)
Sia - Where I Belong
Zero 7 - Give It Away
Zero 7 - Red Dust
Zero 7 - Out of Town
Zero 7 - End Theme

All things considered it works fairly well as a driving CD since it shifts moods a few times and doesn't get too monotonous, which helps with the highway hypnosis. It's also long which helps with the "OH GOD NOT THIS SONG AGAIN" issue. It's not a perfect mix by any means, but it certainly did help on the trip.

- Section one of the CD is of course pop to put me in a good mood because I'm an impatient driver who was once charitably described as "suffering from frequent rage blackouts." Well, "Saving My Face" is not so much happy pop but it's my favorite track off Drastic Fantastic so it fits.
- I plugged "Amazing" in with "Gone to the Dogs" and "Change" because they're all three acoustic tracks, plus it breaks up all those KT Tunstall tracks in a row, but it doesn't really fit there. I'm not 100% sure where I should have put it; perhaps I should have led the album with it.
- Similarly, "Someone You Should Know" is badly misplaced, I wasn't checking the track order too closely when I put this together. In retrospect it probably needed to go where "Amazing" is.
- "Silence" opens the second section of the CD, which is the REALLY LOUD BOMP BOMP section to keep me awake. It's not exactly the best bridge between "Saving My Face" and "Say It Right" but I wasn't thinking about that when I was tossing songs into Nero.
- "Hero" is not a cover of the Mariah Carey song (or the dozen other songs named "Hero") -- it's actually Sweden's entry into this year's Eurovision, and jiminy cricket, it may be dancepop cheese but it's catchy dancepop cheese. It also makes a pretty good bridge from the downtempo "Silence" to the much thumpier "Say It Right".
- I probably should have flipped "Stupidest Girl in the World" and "Shame On You" -- "Shame on You" is a dancepop track which would follow nicely from "Hung Up" and "Stupidest Girl" is a straight pop track, which would lead nicely to "Where I Belong." Hindsight, etc.
- The last five tracks are the third section of the album, the mellow tracks to cool me down before I start ramming people with my car. I wish I'd been able to fit "Look Up" on there but it would have meant cutting something else and I didn't want to.

At some point I'm going to have to sit down and make a series of driving mixes. I'm changing schools and my new commute is 45 minutes each way.


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