• KILL ALL THE WHITE PEOPLE (crazy fucking rant 1#)

    26 jan. 2009, 3h07m

    Its amazing how people bitch about the world today, and then do nothing about it.
    The first africain-americain president was sworn into office a few days ago.
    He's going to try and change (for the better i hope) a few things that The moron bush has managed to accomplish.... the longest 8 years of my life.
    some people snipe from behind computers, and wish for this or that but do nothing to to improve their station or better the world around them.
    People are looking for a scape-goat.... they found one, they found one in Obama. Be it racial, religious (or otherwise), people seem to think that an unstable, dying P.O.W. could do better. He's bush in every way with one exception. He can think. (as much as a religious zealot can be said to think)
    That makes him far more dangerous.But he's not black so thats O.K....
    Thats the kind of logic that I have to deal with.
    From freinds to family they either follow or hate, but both blindly.
    My answer is to either kill myself or kill all the white people in the world.
    I choose the latter.