Seen live 2003-2009..


14 mars 2010, 8h02m

just as said, shows were often in boise and or idaho.
some were amazing, some sucked, and some were just plain terrible.
* indicates how many times
some are/were local -will label that

Thursday ***
Polar Bear Club ****
Ceremony *
Misery Signals ******
Touche Amore *
New Found Glory ***
A Loss for Words *
Bleach ** (US)
Defeater *
Bare Witness ***** (Boise Local)
Little Brazil *
MxPx ***
Gaza ***
Set Your Goals *****
Converge **
Copeland **
As Cities Burn ****
Tera Melos ***
My Sexy Assassin ********* (Boise Local)
Minus the Bear **
From a Second Story Window ****
The Chariot ***
Alexisonfire ***
Waking Ashland **
Emery ****
Weatherbox **
Chasing Victory *
Life Long Tragedy *
Behold, The White Horse ***** (Boise Local)
The Temptation of Saint Anthony ******* (Boise Local)
Taking Back Sunday **
Poison the Well **
The Sea Floor Spreading ***** (Boise Local)
Thrice **
From Autumn To Ashes **
mewithoutYou ***
Vanna ****
Means *
Remembering Never ****
Fear Before The March Of Flames **
Animosity *****
Mikoto *
Me and Him Call It Us **
In:aviate **
Brazil *
Paddock Park *
Funeral for a Friend **
First Blood *
A Day to Remember ****
RuinerEvery Time I Die ******
Dead Poetic *
Soul Control *
Modern Life Is War **
The Black Dahlia Murder ***
Molotov Solution ***** nice dudes
Circa Survive *
From The Pawn **
The Jonbenet *
Lydia **
Evergreen Terrace ****
On Broken Wings ****
The Format *
Sage Francis[/artist *]
Impending Doom ****
The Starting Line *
MAE **
Underoath ****
Built to Spill **
Burning the Masses *
The Ataris **
Crime In Stereo **
Emarosa ***
This Is Hell **
Blacklisted *
Shai Hulud *
Arsonists Get All The Girls ****
AFI **
Black My Heart **
See You Next Tuesday ****
Obscure Beauty ************ (Boise/Caldwell Local)
Parkway Drive *
Salt The Wound * DON'T ASK
Bury Your Dead ****
Four Year Strong ***
Ligeia **
The Ghost Inside ***
MyChildren MyBride ****
Trash Talk *
For Today ****
Gwen Stacy *
Embrace The End **
For the Fallen Dreams ** -with orig vocalist only
Ed Gein *
Sabertooth Zombie *
The Franklin Cover Up ********** (Boise Local)
A Life Once Lost *
Sea Of Treachery *
Eighteen Visions **
Calibretto 13 *
Bayside *
Born of Osiris ***
Underneath the Gun *
Texas Is On Fire *
Suffokate *
A Different Breed Of Killer *
All Teeth *
Stray from the Path **
Settle The Sky *
The Dillinger Escape Plan **
The Bled *
Inked In Blood *
Blindside *
Fighting Bears By Hand ********* (Boise Local)
The Acacia Strain ****
It Dies Today **
Open Fire! **
Jument ****** (Boise Local)
Severed Trust - i was in this band
Despised Icon ****
Therefore I Am **
He Is Legend ***
Still Remains **
We Shot the Moon **
Confide ***
The Sound and the Fury ** (Boise Local)
HORSE the band **
Terror ***
Carnifex ***
Miss May I * lol covers r teh coolest
Worldbreaker **** (Boise Local)
The Blood Brothers **
[artist]Heavy Heavy Low Low[/artist **]
Killwhitneydead **
Hopesfall *
Maylene and the Sons of Disaster ***
Hangnail *
The Orangeburg Massacre *
Driver Side Impact *
We Won The Science Fair ** (Boise Local)
Zao ****
You.May.Die.In.The.Desert *
Showbread ***
The Number Twelve Looks Like You **
Sirens **** (Boise Local)
Sparta *
Norma Jean ***
Haste the Day ******
Cursive *
Abacabb ***
Dead To Fall ****
Mute Math *
All My Heroes Were Cowboys *** (Boise Local)
As Tall As Lions *
Portugal. The Man *
Daughters *
Unearth **
Broadway Calls *
Stick to Your Guns ***
After the Burial **
Oh, Sleeper **
Too Pure To Die **
Whitechapel **
Oceana **
Scarlet *
The Red Scare * (Boise Local)
Acceptance **
Anadivine *
Emmure ** SO BAD
Endwell **
Anberlin *
A Static Lullaby **
The Breathing Process *
Bleeding Through ****
August Burns Red ****
Ivory Hill ***** (Boise Local)
Carmen *
Newsboys **
Audio Adrenaline ****
DC Talk ***
Benjamin Gate **
Toby Mac **
Rod Laver *
Pillar ****
Kutless *****
FM Static **
Thousand Foot Krutch ***
Beanbag **
Skinny Like Riley *
Fono *
Luna Halo *
Everyday Sunday **
Five Iron Frenzy *
The W's *
Before Their Eyes **
Blessed By A Broken Heart *
Here I Come Falling *
akiss for jersey **
Agraceful *
War Of Ages ***
Cestus **** (Boise Local)
The Edison Agenda ***** (Boise Local)
Nodes Of Ranvier ***
As They Burn Alive *
An Apparition *
Thriller *
Let:Live * really excited they got signed, even if it is rise.
ATTN *** (Boise Local)
In the Shadow of the Mountain *** (Boise Local)
Beneath The Sky ***
PAX217 **
All Shall Perish ***
Reliant K **
In Fear and Faith * their guitar player wanted to fight me too
I See Stars ** i see talent?
The Deep ***** (Boise Local)
Sleeping Giant **
This or the Apocalypse *
Composure *** (Boise Local) cocky/shitty dudes
The World We Knew **
Cancer Bats *
Bring Me the Horizon *** SCENE POINTS
Cassidy ********* (Boise Local)
Winds of Plague ****
Veil of Maya **
Sky Eats Airplane **
Genghis Tron **
The Banner *
Through the Eyes of the Dead ****
the facelss **
Every Bridge Burned *
Bone Dance ***** (Boise Local)
When The Legends Die ***** (Boise Local)
Belay My Last **
Pysopus *
Suicide Silence ***
Sinai Beach **
Scars of Tomorrow **
Madball *
3 Inches of Blood *
Hate Eternal *
Decrepit Birth *
With Dead Hands Rising *
King *
With Wings of Lead *
Gernika **** (Boise Local)
The Tony Danza Tap Dance Extravaganza **
Abigail Williams **
Closure in Moscow *
From First to Last *** SCENE POINTS
The Devil Wears Prada ****
Scary Kids Scaring Kids **
Full Blown Chaos **
Gallows *
Black Sheep Wall *
Loom **
Bloodlined Caligraphy *
As I Lay Dying **
Walls of Jericho ***
Death Before Dishonor *
Into The Moat *
Elitist *
If Hope Dies *
The Affinity Process **** (Boise Local)
A Plea for Purging ***
Diskreet *
Coliseum *
Atilla *
Tacoma ** (BAD LOCAL BAND)
Less Than Jake *
The Misfits **
Bridging States **** (Boise Local)
Catelepsy **
This World is Weapon * nice dudes
Number IV The Smile * scene kids playing bad music
Eleonora *
Woe Of Tyrants *
Schoolyard Heroes *
All That Remains **
Almost Nothing *
Humingbird Of Death *** (Boise Local)
Burden of a Day *
The Calico System **
Catherine **
Chiodos **
Conducting From The Grave ***
Earth Crisis *
Say Anything *
Recon ***

some are including 2010
from here down is as of March 27th, 2010.

Every Time I Die
Four Year Strong
Polar Bear Club
Trapped Under Ice
Obscure Beauty
Yukon The Archer
Set Your Goals
Comeback Kid
The Wonder Years
This Time Next Year
Touche Amore
Bone Dance
Dire Wolf
Black Cloud
Trash Talk
La Dispute
Therefore I Am

Bad Seed
Gone But Not Forgotten
Rotting Out
Soul Control
Trapped Under Ice
The Bonus Army
Broadway Calls
The Carrier
Keep It Clear
Like Wolves
Losing Skin
Putrid Brew
Sabertooth Zombie
Another Breath
Harms Way
Title Fight
White Wards

More shows:

The Mongoloids
My Heart To Joy
Cruel Hand
Alpha & Omega
Trapped Under Ice
Make Do and Mend
All Teeth
Blackcloud ******
Rotting Out
Soul Search


  • jake_ee

    well, haha. i was heckling them on stage because their interludes they were using sounded like underoath and were definetly in that style, like in between songs. so i started yelling underoath. the vocalist flipped shit and the bass player kept saying, "wow you're tough, you're tough" haha. and the other time was at 09 warped tour and i walked up to their little tent and said holy shit your merch sucks and is overpriced. they got pissed. good times

    14 mars 2010, 21h06m
  • gregoryhate


    21 mars 2010, 2h22m
  • jake_ee

    haha its okay. this is why i have no money.

    22 mars 2010, 1h49m
  • sai777

    agree, what a nice list of nice bands. i wish only the half would come to germany. well done jake!

    25 mars 2010, 14h12m
  • jake_ee

    haha if you would like more commentary just ask, but some of these are really old so i may have to think about it. and -bornheadless, umm the only guy i can remember is will jackson? i think thats his name. i know he for sure did vocals on Delenda and Conversations.

    30 mars 2010, 8h05m
  • bdean97

    from a second story window is from my area they are amazing I never got to see them live though :( on another note your list of concerts is CRAZY!

    2 mai 2010, 10h03m
  • jake_ee

    darn dude, what part of the US are you from? i was able to see them quite a few times. haha thanks dude. right now its slowing, but this spring and summer look VERY promising!

    2 mai 2010, 23h09m
  • wildhogz

    salt the wound. were you in bmc at the time?

    13 jui. 2010, 0h12m
  • Khanatist

    lol @the Skylit Drive anecdote. You're an IRL troll! How were Black Sheep Wall? br00tal, I suppose?

    13 août 2010, 17h02m
  • jake_ee

    haha, i despise that band. each time they play a show or warped tour that i attend i will go out of my way to piss them off black sheep wall was pretty nuts, they played a house show for like 30-40 people.

    13 août 2010, 17h55m
  • wildhogz

    This list is still impressive. I may have looked it over but I don't see Bless The Martyr on this list.

    10 oct. 2010, 23h26m
  • sythe_

    you can die happy i guess

    10 déc. 2010, 18h45m
  • weareblackcloud

    BLACKCLOUD is one word. you have us linked to a shitty band <3

    30 mars 2011, 19h02m
  • Machine6619

    nice local selection, especially msa! would've killed to see norma jean back when they were playing bless the martyr

    10 fév. 2013, 16h17m
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