18 mai 2006, 19h29m

My father wanted to buy a new video iPod during Christmas. I just wanted an iPod, period. Since I didn't care about watching videos or movies on a small screen he gave me his old one and bought a new one for himself. My gift came full with my dad's music library, which is a fabulous gift in itself. I've spent some time deleting the stuff I didn't like, but kept most of it. I still haven't heard all of the songs but what I have listened to has expanded my musical knowledge. Some of the songs I fell in love with wouldn't have made the cut several years ago and the few I did recognize are now a part of my music collective. The only genre I couldn't bear to hear its entirety were the Irish folksongs. My dad probably had a hundred songs of Whiskey In The Jar et. al. that drove me bonkers. What's ironic about that though is the fact that I love to play Irish music on my violin a.k.a. fiddle.

My boyfriend gave me some music from his collection as well. There were many artists that I've heard of, but never listened to. Again, thanks to his and my dad's generosity, my taste in music expanded and I must say, I'm Thrilled To Pieces.

Songs/Artists that I didn't know I already love:

Eye in the Sky
Alone In Kyoto
Lamonts Lament
Vol de Nuit
Passing Afternoon
Scalp Salad
1000 Miles
Elodie 1
The 6 Million Dollar Sandwich
Big Boat V.3
Come And Play In The Milky Night
Taste Of Your Mind
Practice Twice
In the Train With No Lights
A Certain Smile
Jungel falls
Hands Away
Onions Wrapped in Rubber
I Can't Feel My Hand Any More, It's Alright, Sleep Still
Close to you
Jaga Jazzist
Okkervil River
The Durutti Column
Pan American

Apparently, most of the songs came from my boyfriend. My dad's music didn't make the top 100, and I forgot my iPod today so I can't go back and look up my favorites. Fortunately, I was able to copy everything to my harddrive using YamiPod (free!!!).


  • Fake_Owen

    Can I have your boyfriend? :)

    20 mai 2006, 0h08m
  • gyco

    Some great music there. x

    20 mai 2006, 14h34m
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