MGMT - Congratulations [Review]


12 avr. 2010, 6h27m

One of 2010’s most anticipated releases is finally here. MGMT’s follow up to the incredibly successful debut album “Oracular Spectacular” has arrived; it’s entitled “Congratulations.” If it was my guess, I’d assume that they named this album “Congratulations” because of how well their first album has done and that this is their reply to all the hype that they’ve released since then. But if you think that MGMT are still making pop songs like “Kids” and “Time to Pretend”, boy, are you wrong. Instead of just making an album full of singles, they made an album. The sound of this album resembles surf rock mixed with a couple thousand pounds of LSD inspired psychedelica, all while maintaining a sense of folk rock throughout. For those that want or were expecting “Oracular Spectacular”, you won’t enjoy this album as much, for there aren’t really any singles on this album, it’s a full album experience. The band has now evolved into something new and unique, a twisted prototype created by of Montreal and The Flaming Lips, which is what a good artist always, does, evolve their sound over time, rather than churn out the same stuff over and over. The album starts with “It's Working”, which oozes of surf rock of the 60s and wonderfully shows how this album is different from any previous efforts. The following two songs “Song for Dan Treacy” and “Someone's Missing” continue this change in their sound, with surf rock meeting psychedlica , creating excellent harmonies in the music. “Flash Delirium” is the closest thing that will be a single on this album, it has some catchy moments throughout the song, yet is still just bat shit crazy in terms of everything that’s going on, so many layers on this track, yet it still manages to sound wonderful. The album takes a breather with the very gentle and melodic “I Found a Whistle”, right before everything goes crazy with the 12 minute “Siberian Breaks”. Throughout this entire song, it undergoes so many movements that it might as well be a classical piece. It goes from folk, to rock, to psychedelic, to electronic and then progresses to a close. The Brian Eno tribute song too aptly titled “Brian Eno” is a fun old rock and roll style song that declares just how awesome Brian Eno is, with a fun chorus throughout which will make that song a fun one to hear live. The title of the next song “Lady Dada's Nightmare” is just a play on words with Lady Gaga and Dadaism, which is just a quirky little fact. It’s the albums only instrumental song and serves as the bridge from the fun “Brian Eno” to the album closer “Congratulations”. On the last song, we are given a nice ambient acoustic along with some soft synths to ease us back into reality and out of MGMTs amazing album. It’s a smooth and relaxing album, although it does have some truly crazy moments, it will leave your foot tapping and a big smile on your face.


  • jordan10la

    Good review. The album took me a couple of listens to really get but now I am really liking it. Especially Flash Delerium.

    15 avr. 2010, 15h37m
  • missylektro

    I def agree there aren't any singles in this album...more for diehard fans I guess...not really my thing but much respect to the band and this review provides a great description of the songs....nice job!

    17 avr. 2010, 4h03m
  • greendayaddict

    Song For Dan Treacy is pure work of genius.

    18 avr. 2010, 11h42m
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