• Magnatune for SlimServer download spike

    19 jan. 2007, 16h11m

    Just recently I noticed a bit of a spike in downloads for my Magnatune plugin for SlimServer. Usually it gets downloaded once every couple of days, but for some reason it had 18 downloads between the 16th and 18th Jan. Just to put that into context, that's as many downloads as it had in the whole of December!

    Digging around it seems to have been caused by a one-line comment made by ThisCharmingMan deep in one of the Squeezebox forums, hosted at

    I think it's interesting that TCM's recommendation persuaded more people to download it than John Buckman's own blog did :)
  • Drifting silently into the sound

    25 août 2006, 14h00m

    This week I've been obsessing over the lyrics to Bad Things Happen all the Time. Hey, it's been a slow week, alright?

    But I've drawn a blank at identifying all of the names dropped into the song. Here's what I've got for the lyrics closing out the song:

    Milton Friedman gave us the thumbs up
    Margaret Thatcher gave us the thumbs up
    Leon Brezhnev gave us the thumbs up
    Mao Tse Tung, he gave us the thumbs up
    Charles de Gualle, he gave us the thumbs up
    Helmut Kohl, he gave us the thumbs up
    Richard Nixon gave us the thumbs up
    Hirohito gave us the thumbs up
    Jacques Chirac, he gave us the thumbs up
    ???? Mackenzie King
    both of them gave the thumbs up
    Boris Yeltsin gave us the thumbs up
    Richard Nixon gave us the thumbs up

    Anyone care to help fill in the gaps? For bonus points, any clue what "Neutron John" refers to?

    As I say, I've been obsessing, and here's some trivia from the lyrics. The sequence of USA Presidents, stretching from Harry Truman to Ronald Reagan, is in chronological order and misses out only JFK. The reef on which a ship runs aground is Bligh Reef, which was the site of the Exxon Valdez disaster (hey, I didn't know that, maybe everybody else did). And Milton Friedman is the odd one out (as far as I can tell) - an economist rather than a national leader.
  • Transatlantic homesick blues

    13 août 2006, 16h28m

    Work's had me travelling. Last weekend, taking the opportunity to do some tourist things, I visited Duluth, Minnesota - and had no idea until later that Bob Dylan was born there.

    I'd kind of expect a museum, or a sign, or something. Instead there's an overpriced aquarium and a bunch of restaurants which are shut on Sundays. And some very pretty views over Lake Superior.
  • The Sways - International Orange

    5 mars 2006, 16h25m

    So, based entirely on rocklobster's ravings, I've been listening to International Orange by The Sways a bit lately.


    In the spirit of supporting our local artists, I thought I'd write about it :) This is the kind of music that can only be categorised under "defies categorisation". Kind of folk meets pop rock meets five cups of strong, black, coffee.

    And it passes my personal good music test. That is: you hate it at first, then something catches your attention so you listen to it a bit more, then you realise you're enjoying it, then you listen to it lots, then you put it down for a bit, then you find yourself whistling it at work, then you realise it's actually great. If music doesn't go through that process, I ain't likely to be listening to it very long.

    Anyway, all this waffling comes to a recommendation. You absolutely definitely must go to and at least click on the "listen" buttons. Remember, if you immediately hate it, that means it's good...