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7 mars 2007, 1h32m

You know how it goes... Here are the shows I have been to..

Bands: Blue Druids, Downtrodden, Cast Aside the Fallen and Black Paper Diary @ Blue Parrot Cafe, Griffin, February 7 2003

Band: Speaking of Brad @ The Moose Lodge, Griffin, February 21 2003

Warped Tour 2003: AFI, Poison the Well, Rancid, Andrew Wk, Suicide Machines, Tsunami Bomb, The Ataris, Less Than Jake, andDropkick Murphys @ Hi Fi Buys Amphitheater, Atlanta, Georgia, July 23 2003

Headliner: The Betrayal @ The Loft, Griffin, September 19 2003
Opening Bands: Blue Druids, Bleeding Heart Minority

Bands: Instilled, Black Paper Diary, 1 shot 1 kill, Nor Am I, Bleeding Heart Minority @ Eagle's Way Church, Griffin, December 13 2003

Bands: Bleeding Heart Minority, Agnus Dei, Instilled, Sarah X, Nor Am I @ Eagle's Way Church, Griffin, February 20 2004

Headliner: AFI @ Tabernacle, Atlanta, February 28 2004
Opening Bands: Thursday, Coheed and Cambria

Bands: Emotron, Agnus Dei,The Veil, 1 shot 1 kill @ Eagle's Way Church, Griffin, March 26 2004

Bands: Agnus Dei, The Veil, 1 shot 1 kill, Nor Am I @ Sam's Basement, Griffin, April 2 2004

Bands: The Veil, 1 shot 1 kill, Nor Am I @ Sam's Basement, Griffin, April 17 2004

Bands: Instilled, Emotron, The Veil, 1 shot 1 kill, Nor Am I @ Sam's Basement, Griffin, May 29 2004

Bands: The California's, The Veil, 1 shot 1 kill, Agnus Dei @ Eagle's Way Church, Griffin, June 22 2004

Warped Tour 2004: Tiger Army, Lars Fredericksen and the Bastards, Bouncing Souls, Flogging Molly, The Casualties, Coheed and Cambria, Anti-Flag, The Briggs, The Vandals, The River City Rebels, The Heart Attacks @ Hi Fi Buys Amphitheater, Atlanta, June 28 2004

Headliner: APA @ Lenny's Bar, Atlanta, August 21 2004
Opening Bands: The Heart Attacks, The Trash Candies, and The Independents

Headliner: Blue Druids CD Release If she only knew.. @ Breaker's Music Hall, Jonesboro, October 8 2004
Opening Bands: Light Pupil Dilate, Red Rocket Deluxe, Future Face

Headliner: The Heart Attacks @ Eagle's Way Church, Griffin, Anneka's 17 Birthday Party, October 22 2004
Opening Acts: 1 shot 1 kill, Blue Druids, Beat Beat Beat

Bands: Instilled, To Live and Die With, The Heart Attacks, 1 shot 1 kill @ Sam's Basement, Griffin, November 26 2004

Bands: Right Hand Drive, Routine Getaway, Light Pupil Dilate, and Blue Druids @ Activity Center, Barnesville, November 27 2004

Bands: ashlee simpson mixed tape, Nor Am I, Agnus Dei, 1 shot 1 kill, The Veil @ Eagle's Way Church, Griffin, December 10 2004

Bands: Flat Rabbit Conspiracy, Solution 7.0 @ Breaker's Music Hall, Jonesboro, December 11 2004

Headliner: Blue Druids @ Breaker's Music Hall, Jonesboro, January 7 2005
Opening Band: Solution 7.0, Etheric, Needeep

Bands: Routine Getaway, Right Hand Drive,
Flat Rabbit Conspiracy, Blue Druids @ Some warehouse, some birthday party, Forsyth, March 19 2005

Headliner: Red Rocket Deluxe @ Bank St. Cafe, Griffin, March 26 2005
Opening Band: Flat Rabbit Conspiracy

Headliner: Blue Druids @ Breaker's Music Hall, Lauryn's 17th Birthday Show, Jonesboro, May 13 2005
Opening Bands: Light Pupil Dilate, Red Rocket Deluxe, Flat Rabbit Conspiracy (Last Show)

Bands: The Letters Organize @ American Legion Hall, McDonough, June 15 2005

Band: Blue Druids @ Chad's House, Booher and Kelly's 21st Birthday Party, Griffin, June 24 2005

Bands: The Dead Are Judged, The Rat Pack, October's Murder Mystery, The Heart Attacks @ The Moose Lodge, Griffin, September 2 2005

Bands: Beat Beat Beat, Steadlur @ The Velvet Underground, Atlanta, September 11 2005

Headliner: The Vibrators @ The Drunken Unicorn, Atlanta, September 29 2005
Opening Bands: The Love Drunks, The Heart Attacks

Headliner: The Adicts @ The Masquerade, Atlanta, October 20 2005
Opening Bands: Bang Sugar Bang, The Diffs

Headliner: The Letters Organize @ The Vinyl, Atlanta, November 5 2005
Opening Bands: Vaux

Headliner: The Briefs @ Swayze's, Marietta, November 18 2005?
Opening Bands: Clit 45, The Heart Attacks

Band: Steadlur @ The Masquerade, Atlanta, December 3 2005

Bands: The Heart Attacks, Steadlur, Hal and the Rippers @ The Cavern, Griffin, January 6 2006

Tits Tats n' Tunes '06: Red Rocket Deluxe, The Infernals, The Blackheadz, Nekkid @ Breaker's Music Hall, Jonesboro, April 1 2006

Headliner: Coheed and Cambria @ Hi Fi Buys Amphitheater, Atlanta, April 15 2006

Headliner: Islands @ The Drunken Unicorn, Atlanta, April 27 2006
Opening Bands: Why?, Cadence Weapon

Warped Tour 2006: The Buzzcocks, Joan Jett and the Blackhearts, Helmet, Against Me!, Anti-Flag, The Casualties, and Everytime I Die @ Hi Fi Buys Amphitheater, Atlanta, June 28 2006

Headliner: The Letters Organize @ The Drunken Unicorn, Atlanta, June 28 2006
Opening Bands: Club Awesome, The pAper chAse

Club Awesome Pool Party '06: Club Awesome, Oppenheimer @ The Drunken Unicorn, Atlanta, August 10 2006

Headliner: The Vibrators @ The Drunken Unicorn, Atlanta, October 4 2006

Headliner: Mastodon @ The Masquerade, Atlanta, October 7 2006
Opening bands: The Bronx

Bands: Lie In Wait, Nearmiss @ Chad's House, Griffin, October 28 2006

Headliner: ...And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead @ The Masquerade, Atlanta, November 16 2006
Opening Bands: Blood Brothers, Celebration,
Brothers and Sisters

Headliner: Islands @ The Eyedrum, Atlanta, November 20 2006
Opening Bands: Blueprint, Subtitle

Headliner: Mastodon @ 40 Watt Club, Athens, January 31 2007
Opening Bands: Converge, Priestess

Headliner: Yo La Tengo @ Variety Playhouse, Atlanta, February 3 2007
Opening Band: Tenement Halls

Headliner: Deerhoof @ 40 Watt Club, Athens, February 21 2007
Opening Bands: Busdriver, Harlem Shakes

Headliner: Sparklehorse @ Variety Playhouse, Atlanta, March 4 2007
Opening Bands: jesse sykes and the sweet hereafter


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