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1 sept. 2010, 10h26m

Śro 18 VIII – Summer Breeze Open Air 2010

Summer in it’s full, the end of holidays – that’s the time for the Metal Party of The Year. Time to wander 1000 kilometres towards the setting sun – to the place where Franconian woods are seen from Bavarian meadows and fields.

Time for....

Since 1997, incessantly, for 4 days, the elite of metal society turns up on rural fields nearby Dinkelsbuhl. Stars that shined during this year’s edition were, without a doubt, Children of Bodom, Hypocrisy, Gorgoroth and Dark Tranquillity. The whole Scandinavian Peninsula arrived on their Drekars, so to say. And they did not let down – but we’ll come back to this later on…

Day 1.
This year, the Polish horde arrived pretty early – on Thursday, just after 1 p.m. Setting the tent and making the ‘welcome grill’ were accompanied by Barren Earth, Dream Evil and Napalm Death already playing on the fest stages. The reason for leaving the bivouac was Finnish The 69 Eyes.

The – let me add – FALSE reason. Though the fans must have liked it. Neither HIM, nor Charon, but with Elvis on vocals instead. 3+.

Just after Die Apokaliptiche Reiter, much appreciated throughout Germanic Lands, started their show, we turned to the Party Tent, where another Finns (well, this time less effeminate) were about to start their gig. A shortage – that’s what was left after their concert in Kraków, on the last day of March 2010. I hoped that Swallow the Sun will redeem that day in glory. But it didn’t happen. Playlist was much dominated by the latest album, which – to cut long story short – cannot be compared to Hope (not to mention The Morning Never Came). However, this is highly subjective matter, so let me just say that form the old stuff we could have heard only These Hours of Despair.

From the new records, New Moon (I can’t recall any other titles). So, the feeling of shortage was made even stronger, but - no need to worry, for in just a couple of minutes (still, Obituary have to play before) I am about to see on the stage the band I’ve been waiting for, for eight years.

Dark Tranquillity. The one and only concert on Polish land turned to be a big disappointment to the band. October the 8th Anno Domini 2002, the band came to register their gig in the ever famous television studio – Krzemionki in Kraków. At that time, they performed a mind-blowing concert (see the DVD), however few people stayed to enjoy the show. Too few for a band of this scale. Too few to return to Poland ever after, though eight long years and 4 LPs have passed since that day...

That’s it, when it comes to history. Let us come back to Dinkelsbuhl.
9:35 p.m. and the masters of melodic (so called “goeteborgian”) death metal school are already on the Pain Stage. Therein, a powerful kick, was a kind of DT’s “good evening” to us. Just a second later they kicked again with Inside The Partical Storm, The Lesser Faith, Focus Shift. A sign of a good concert is, definitely, coming back to the old times. It was no different this Night. When the keyborder had left the stage, I felt through my skin that we were about to experience a massive dose of decibels. Punish My Heaven from The Gallery reminded me what I love the band for. Pure madness and insanity, scream and throng – with these words one could describe the atmosphere of this particular song.
As if that was not enough, DT doublekicked with the title track from the album. I was satisfied, but, still – there was something missing to full happiness.

More stuff from Projector, so to say. Or, anything from The Mind’s Eye (and my beloved Insanity’s crescendo or totally sordid madness by Zodijackyl Light). Misery’s Crown brought some calmness and reflection and then, just to walk off the stage in bright lights and accompanied by thousands of clapping hands, DT played Terminus – Lego, so to say.
Who knows – knows. Who does not – lunch YouTube. Lego Bricks smashed, in that way ending the best of the SB 2010’s concerts.

Day 2.
Day Two, apart from a strange feeling of dryness in mouth and thousand Celsius degrees in the tent, brought shows of bands like Orphaned Land, Long Distance Calling or Dying Fetus. I have to assume that the gigs were successful, though I was not to experience them myself. 2 a.m. for Orphaned Land was beyond my perception and toughness. Not to mention Long Distance Calling, who played at… 4 a.m. What I managed to see was, for example, the perfect-on-stage Ensiferum. It was a déjà vu from the 2 years ago concert, when it was as hot as this day, Bavarian hay danced above the audience, and the Finns on stage made the atmosphere even hotter. It was no different this time: Blood Is the Price of Glory from Victory Songs, or the amazing, totally staggering One More Magic Potion.

The concert was ended with the most anticipated track – Iron, for the album of the same title. Ensiferum smashed with amazing power. Five.

Anathema, playing just after Ensiferum, had no an easy task. Keeping in my memory the absolutely perfect concert form the two years past, when the guys from Liverpool closed the whole festival ad.2008 with an amazing improvisation by The Butcher on the stage… (but, the time will come to talk about this...) – the task seemed unable to achieve. Add to this the early timing (5 p.m.), 30 Celsius degrees (in shade) and, most of it all, the last record.... so – summing up: no fucking way.
And, unfortunately, that’s how it was.

In spite of the great Deep, for the beginning, Fragile Dreams for the end; in spite of Lost Control, or Closer – they didn’t make it. The only appealing moment was A Natural Disaster – Lee on vocals again, and that was mainly due to the beautiful lyrics. Positive. Correct. That much. That few.

Next were the Cannibal Corpse. Played as expected. Uncompromising and heavy dose of eyeblowing shit fulfilled the needs. Mine too, during the first (and, at the same time, the last) track :]

After a while taken for a short recovery, the time has come for Swedish Hypocrisy. One of the Friday’s stars not only did not fail, but also – gave pretty awesome concert. I shall not recall songs played, however, music itself left nothing to ask for. I watched Hypocrisy from side, waiting by the Pain Stage for the upcoming Gorgoroth’s show. They did not disappoint, either. But, on the other hand, what else to expect from one of the leading metal bands? Blood, sulphur and horns – the things black metals like the most.

Day 3.
Day Three, apart from not-so-strange-anymore dryness in mouth, brought couple of musical surprises. What’s even more important – GOOD surprises. The first being the band opening this day’s concerts – at somewhat barbarous hour (11 a.m.) - and accompanying us to our scrambled eggs. Be’lakor.

The band I haven’t heard of. The band that came from remote (well, it can’t be more distant, to be honest) Kangaroo Land. Australia, I mean. The Antipoders provided us with anti-hangover treatment: putting one under an influence of huge dose of decibels in shape of melodic, full of keybords music with death metal accents. The show was as surprising, as great. Not minding the early hour, the audience they managed to collect was a matter of other bands’ (even those well-known) envy.

After Be’lakor, another music-surprise came on stage. The only thing I knew about The Foreshadowing was that they are worth listening to. This time, rumours turned out to be true, as we saw a doom gothic metal band on stage. Band from the top shelf, let me say. The shortness of the concert was compensated by great set and gallant gothic attire.

I didn’t manage to see Leaves’ Eyes, Poisonblack nor Sepultura – though Roots, by the last one, were easily audible throughout all of the fest’s area.
All of the area – by the Party Tent as well, where Icelandic Solstafir were about to play in the late afternoon time. This time, they defeated themselves, for they played 2 (verbally: TWO) songs.

The nuance was – two songs lasting for dozens of minutes (Ritual Of Fire – 15 minutes). Nevertheless, no more mocking, Solstafir gave a great gig. One of the fest’s best. Two tracks – but concrete and factual. One couldn’t have been disappointed.

Just after Solstafir, we had to run to the Pain Stage, where one of the most longed for bands – Finnish Korpiklaani – was about to start their show. And, I have to admit, they didn’t let down. The scale I apply, is the number of people floating above the audience’s heads, who, in their spare time, were keen on festival body diving.

Only Dark Tranquillity could have measured up, taking into consideration loads of fest surfers – but I cannot be sure of that. The Forest Clan played as expected: joyfully, in accordion-manner, and to the point. I am not a fan, hence I shall not mention any titles, though judging by the overall ecstasy, I dare say it was a successful concert.

Finns had still been playing, when I set my footsteps towards the Party Tent again. This time these were the Swedes from Månegarm who presented themselves on the stage. According to an opinion of a just-met inhabitant of these Germanic Lands – the band far more better than Korpiklaani. There is no disputing about tastes, so – to cut it right here – the only thing I’ll say is: when it comes to the music itself – this is much closer to my heart. However, from technical and professional point of view – the Finns defeated the Swedes.

At last, after Managarm, the time for a break has come. Passing through Warbringer and Sick of It All, I renewed my energy supplies, waiting for the Surprise Act. That, unfortunately, turned out to be a kind of German stand-up comedian (?) – not a band, for sure. As I felt let down, I’ve decided to drown my sorrows in a mug (or two) of local special beverages, thus missing Dark Funeral. That (last) evening, the patient ones were awarded with a concert of another Finns (surely!) - Children of Bodom. And once again I have to admit that I’m not a fan, so I’ve watched the gig from a distance, from a side, with no great emotions. The number of body divers was about to catch the Korpiklaani’s one, so I assumed the concert was a success.

But Children of Bodom soon gave the floor to the most anticipated star of the fest – the sorrow-sticking Englishmen (and women) from My Dying Bride.

And they simply enchanted everyone. During no longer than an hour, they’ve managed to calm down thousands of wanton hearts by pouring into them a dose of pure melancholy. To no avail shall one contrast the show with the one of MDB’s folk friends from Liverpool (Anathema, of course). For there are concerts that shall not be performed before the sunset. Full stop. No need for explanations. However Anathema tried their best, the atmosphere remained light and joyful – like a summer breeze. Having the Night and the almost full Moon for allies, My Dying Bride had an easier task.

And though the setlist couldn’t have been named ‘romantic’ – due to Turn Loose the Swans and Vast Choirs (as Aaron said, the first song they have ever written) – it was much more brutal than melancholic. Nevertheless, Wreckage Of My Flesh, not to mention She Is the Dark, complemented the rest. The concert was magical, for sure. In a magical place and magical time. Perfect sounding, the lights coordinated with the music, the band in their best shape. Aaron feeling the music with his whole body, wriggling on the stage, braiding himself in ropes (oh, ok, these were just cables) – all these made the concert extraordinary and worth remembering.
And even the lack of my beloved The Cry of Mankind did not manage to perturb the way I felt about the show. For I knew that the song was planned to be played at the very end of the concert (and thus the whole festival). It’s a shame that Ordnung muss sein and My Dying Bride had to leave the stage at 1 a.m. sharp, as planned. Even though no one was to play afterwards, no one was in a hurry. Even the musicians.

Summer Breeze 2010 turned up to be a very successful event. I cannot compare it to this year’s Brutal Assault (as I could have a year ago), nevertheless, to me, this is a Metal Celebration of the Year. And it doesn’t matter that this time it was slightly worse than a year ago, than two years ago… More VIPs, journalists ergo longer queues to showers and fewer bands to talk with. Summer Breeze is still a must on the Europe fest-map.


  • ---Jacke---

    You didn`t arrive on Day 1 that was already Day 2 o.0 And everyone on the festival knew the surprise act would be that (bad) comedian, it was on the T-shirts I knew it since Wednesday

    11 sept. 2010, 9h50m
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