Top 10 Irish Folk Songs


5 jui. 2006, 18h05m

The Get's Den! Ideal place to post my Top 10 Irish Folk Songs!
So, here we go:

1. Gold Claddagh Ring
2. Wha'll Be King But Cherlie
3. Tae The Weaver's Gin Ye Go
4. Star of the County Down
5. Follow me up to Carlow - by so many artists
5. Black Is The Colour
6. Donald McGillavry
7. No Come Again
8. Here's a Health to your Company
10. The Foggy Dew - again so many good versions of this song
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  • irishdelight

    I'm almost sure that I forgot about a couple of great Irish Folk Songs here... well, there still is the edit button ;) Of the Irish Folk Songs that I have checked out in the past few month there are two which are also very great: Farewell to Nansy Uncle Rat

    5 jui. 2006, 18h16m
  • irishdelight

    Argh.... The Bonny Ship the Diamond This should have been on 4.! So it's goodbye to The Foggy Dew! ;)

    5 jui. 2006, 18h18m
  • irishdelight

    btw when I say: Irish Folk Songs this of course does include Scottish Folk! Just saying...

    5 jui. 2006, 18h20m
  • razorleaf

    We´ll my personal Top 10 would definately include The Queen Of Argyll by Silly Wizard and Star Of The County Down By Lorie Line...-gonna Post the whole thing later...

    6 jui. 2006, 0h11m
  • irishdelight

    You are right! Queen of Argyll is definitely Top 10.

    6 jui. 2006, 0h57m
  • RamblingGambler

    Top ten - Celtic Folk My new list in roughly correct order After fighting a [i]gruelling battle[/i] choosing the right songs for my first fav-list… I did it this time really relaxed. 1. Loreena McKennitt – The Lady of Shalott 2. Noel McLoughlin – Follow me up to Carlow -> Battlefield Band – The Dear Green Place 4. Clancy Brothers & The Dubliners – Mountain Dew 5. Telenn Gwad - Over the Rainbow 6. The Dubliners – Kilkelly 7. Silly Wizard – The Queen of Argyll 8. The Irish Descendants – Let Me Fish Of Cape St. Mary's 9. Finbar & Eddie Furey – Lizzie Lindsay 10. Silly Wizard – The Parish Of Dunkeld/The Curlew close-by Gaelic Storm - Black Is The Colour

    8 août 2006, 17h25m
  • RamblingGambler

    Silly Wizard - The Secret Portrait/Wha'll Be King But Cherlie? [b]is a damn good peace of music![/b]

    21 août 2006, 21h00m
  • RamblingGambler

    rest in piece so long

    21 août 2006, 21h07m
  • razorleaf

    Uh yeah- my top ten has just changed. One poor song has gotta go to make room for Star Of The County Down by the Flying Pigs with Juicy Wings. Alright, there might be personal reasons...^^

    2 sept. 2006, 1h11m
  • RamblingGambler

    it's already there hayken!

    21 sept. 2006, 18h58m
  • wuermchen45

    Ok, you will probably stone me for that: Bog down in the valley (performed by nearly every irish folk artist)? BTW, if you like folk music, go to and you will get one hour of free and new tracks twice a month!

    7 mars 2007, 20h01m
  • RamblingGambler

    we will not to stone you but thats not that fine kind of music the other songs are. okay maybe except Mountain Dew... and btw insnt the songs name rattlin bog?

    19 mars 2007, 20h58m
  • irishdelight

    For me it's to poop on lads! ;)

    19 mars 2007, 21h25m
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