Who said we had to write about music?


26 fév. 2010, 8h19m

So you may be thinking "What is an episodic narrative??" -If you are not please skip this page. Paige?No? Alrighty.
An episodic narrative is a story in the form of many features which are divided | | ||| || | into parts. P uh ar ts. Each episode has its own storyLINE. Line? Linear equations eat me inside. Gooey depressed against the walls of my uter- utility belt. that is a part of
  • ov
  • ovulate
  • ovulae'
  • ovus
  • ova
  • eva
  • oval
  • octe'
  • evan ge-ge-ge-ge-ge-ge.
  • the bigger picture.- the bigger story or THEME, the Story Arc. An episodic narrative is used for long storylines with intricate details or events intertwining within and through each episode. This, can be metaphorically related to a cameltoe, but that is quite innapropriate inappropriate. Don't look at my mistake Miss. ~~
    All the events in an episodic narrative lead to/gether gather geese up for shopping mmm golden eggs- the big, overall story together as it comes to that. What is that? So no ~~ desu. That over there? I don't know that one. DONT HIT ME MISS. -point there will be the storyline climax and then, unless there's a sequel, or even prequel in which other plots with most characters will continue on.


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