Review: Motion City Soundtrack - My Dinosaur Life


10 jui. 2010, 16h22m

Motion City Soundtrack – My Dinosaur Life
January 19, 2010

Motion City Soundtrack has been an underrated band for quite some time. “My Dinosaur Life” was released in the early weeks of 2010 and it is a very strong album. Yes, it is very mainstream punk/pop kind of music. Some may call it enthusiastic powerpop, others will say it’s bubblegum pop, but frankly, you can call it whatever you want, it’s infectious, effective and it really is quite good.

The songs stick in your head from the get-go, the lyrics aren’t filled with the usual clichés (well, at times they are, but over the whole, it’s not as standard as you might have expected). And musically the band doesn’t always do what you might expect either. But most of all it’s just a fun record that should be recognized as such.

Sometimes all you need is to write some clever hooks and pump some energy in it, and you have a very effective, and often, a very good pop song. Sometimes it’s a good thing to keep it simple. That’s when bands like Weezer, Sugarcult, Bowling for Soup and Taking Back Sunday were at their most effective and successful. And it seems now is the time for Motion City Soundtrack to claim the throne in that genre.

Standout songs are Disappear, Stand Too Close and Skin and Bones, but also the lead single Her Words Destroyed My Planet is quite a good song. The timing on this record is excellent and Justin Pierre proves he’s a very gifted vocalist as he shows off range, intensity and power throughout this album that will hopefully not be overlooked by the masses.


  • kalsonberry

    Good review on a great album!

    15 jui. 2010, 18h43m
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