Black and White


27 mars 2011, 21h39m

I haven't listened to Black and White in such a long time. Actually, I haven't played The Upper Room in maybe four years now, almost five. I remember eagerly awaiting the release of Other People's Problems and would have Black and White on repeat for hours. Now I look it up on and there's barely anyone listening to them.

It just seems like music from a life I used to know, as if it wasn't even me in the room, on my laptop, hungry for the songs. It's kind of... disappointing... in a way, just to see myself forgetting that music that gave me so much even existed.

If it weren't for the slight moment of aha when I saw the name of the band and album next to each other, I bet it would have been another five years until I would have had this chance again.

I feel a little bit more whole now, I guess. The little things that music can do...


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