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  • gat0rgirl13

    nice blog you got! (nice charts as well) thanks for sharing an important lesson with us all, music should never feel like work. take care

    décembre 2013
  • runout_groove

    Hey, saw you went to a previous Sunn O))) London show - just a heads up they'll be back in London soon w/ Nurse With Wound -

    avril 2012
  • nayen

    hey man welcome to last fm! again! i stumbled on your blogs about your addiction and it awakened me. i realized i was starting to have a similar obsession. when you come to think of it... it's really frightening to see how our obsessive tendencies creep into places we least expect. you can read eckhart tolle books. he explains beautifully how our ego gets in the way of our natural state. anyway thank you for your blog and happy listening!!!

    novembre 2010

    Welcome aboard, inevitablenose! Happy listening.

    janvier 2010