albums i own american new wave andrius mamontovas anyone got a translation awesome balkan better than kraftwerk bondcore brb im gonna kill mark mothersbaugh brian i like your vocals on this song brian may british brutal death metal communism cool cool album covers dancey dark depeche mode depressing depressing albums devo dino merlin epic epic brian may solos epic roger taylor solos eurovision fire florian schneider freddie fucking mercury freddie mercury fuck yeah fucking epic fucking gay fun fun fun on the autobahn funny funny album cover gary numan gay germans sound funny when they are singing in english i actually like this i dont get it but its still cool i dont know if i like this yet i dont understand this i fucking love gary numan i like this i was browsing tesco and thought it looked epic so i bought it i would bang dave gahan im so done im sorry but what the fuck is this incultojurgis favourite albums incultojurgisplaylist james bond jihad jerry jurgis k-pop karl bartos kino klaus meine kpop kraftwerk legendary lol lolwat lolwut love at first listen marc bolan me gusta face metal music that makes you feel epic music that sounds seemingly good when you listen to it at 1am new wave no north korea not sure what i just listened to oingo boingo pie pie is awesome woot power metal queen ralf hutter rock you like a hurricane roger taylors falsetto made me go deaf from listening to it rudolf schenker scorpions seen live shit status quo t rex this song is like taking drugs trippy album cover vixx way too depressing weird what the fuck did i just listen to whip it good why do you all hate this album wolfgang flur wtf yay