Kraddy, Breaking Out the Break-beat! (Anthems Of The Hero. Review)


22 oct. 2011, 5h23m

If you had asked me what sort of sound Kraddy [Matthew Kratz] Created before i heard Anthems of the Hero i would of said ,, sometimes big beat, with a hint of . That is what i was expecting.
Instead the album kicks of with a vibe with big beats, beat counts infused with with the The Glitch Mob's tweaks. (Four minutes into the first track "The Holy Avenger" it edges towards groove metal).
It's making me wonder where (if any) he has taken his influences from!
Been in Britain, artists such as Hadouken! and Pendulum fuse Grime + breakbeat, trying over the past few years to keep the flame going...
I'm wondering if these influences have crossed the pond!!
Anywho, back to the album, which is like listening to a comic book!
With track six "Heart Anthem" been a turning point and a change back to Kraddy's usual pace, which takes up a strong beat as if in celebration of the heroes achievements.
The upbeat grandeur of the hero continues into track seven "The Legend"..
But the twist in this Comic story comes at track Eight. "Forbidden feat. Erica Dee" The story of the girl our hero is too frightened to commit to, in case it puts her in danger!
And onto the final three tracks 9)"Ill million "10)"black sun" and 11) "Beacon one" which depict the one final battle.
As the death drum plays through out "Beacon One" it awaits the mayday reply of OUR HERO.
Of which i will leave it up to you to buy the Album to find out his fate.

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Track FIVE, Operation Prometheus (youtube)


  • AnnaDraconida

    That was pretty cool! Thanx for the recommendation!

    23 déc. 2011, 20h04m
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