A return to childhood


21 jui. 2010, 10h03m

Tue 20 Jul – The Cranberries, The Amsterdams

The Cranberries were the first band that introduced me to rock. I surprisingly bought No Need to Argue in a time when my playlist (in my defense I was 12) was filled with bands that I cannot remember listening to without blushing.

So for me The Cranberries are a return to that time. The concert was great - no effects, nothing else but them on the stage playing their songs, most of them from the first four albums. I wished they'd played less of the first album which for me is not exactly their finest hour, and stuck to the second and third which are much better. There were so many good songs that they didn't play, and instead we listened to How and Wanted and Put Me Down (which I personally thought was an uninspired choice for the first encore song) which are good songs but not as good as Daffodil Lamment, Electric Blue, Bosnia and so on and so forth.

But overall the impression was very good and the Ridiculous Thoughts/Zombie combo was amazing and hypnotizing. I thought the concert was short but apparently it lasted an hour and a half - time does fly when you're having fun. Had they been willing to stay for the entire night I would have been willing to stay there and listen.

I was not too impressed with the public, they were only truly in force when Zombie came on, seemed a little lost at other songs, even if Dolores kept trying to get them to sing. Dolores on the other hand was very energetic, her voice sounded amazing and she looked amazing (she looks just like she did when I first saw their videos, which was more than 15 years ago).

Overall, I would have changed the playlist but other than that a wonderful experience.


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