St. Vincent Show


9 mai 2012, 4h18m

I just saw the wonderful Annie Erin Clark tonight at the newport in Columbus, and I must say, it was one of the better performances I've seen. I admit that after watching a few minutes of a stream of her performance from Coachella (I didn't watch it in its entirety for fear of spoiling tonight) and I was a little off-put and concerned that maybe her stellar performance in studio wouldn't hold up in a live setting.

Boy did she ever put those worries to rest.

From beginning to end, she was fantastic. She was cooky, amazing, funny, adorable, and spot on performance wise. Even in the parts where maybe she wasn't as good as she could be, she made up for it with charisma and entertainment. At times, she would be flailing around madly, even beating her own head once or twice. She also was very courteous, giving the other members of the band their own chance to shine and introducing each of them individually.

What I was most surprised about though was how comical she can be. During brief intermissions between songs, she would talk to us. Not just your typical "We are St. Vincent and blahblahblah" but almost like an actual conversation. She apologized for a debacle that occurred during their first scheduled show in Columbus and told us stories and even made a few jokes while she was at it.

And she crowd surfed. Not just for a moment either, but during the entire length of Krokodil. She didn't hesitate and she didn't appear concerned. She just hopped on top of the crowd and let it carry her where ever, all whilst wailing the words as best she could.

All in all, a fantastic performance and a night I will definitely remember for a long time. I highly recommend seeing her if at all possible, you will not regret it. St. Vincent


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