Goodbye Happiness


10 mai 2011, 7h38m

Wed 8 Dec – 「WILD LIFE」ライブ・ビューイング in シアター

well, I watched her live on internet, obviously. it was like 5 pm here

this was the first time I thanked my office's internet connection for being very good lol

it was amazing, well UTADA UNITED was far better than this but still, the fact that I watched it live just blew me away. technology kicked ass!!

this was the setlist:
Goodbye Happiness
テイク 5 (I nearly cried when it started, I love this song to death)
Prisoner Of Love
COLORS (which is my favorite song of all time)
Hymne à l’amour ~愛のアンセム~
Eclipse (Interlude)
BLUE (another surprise! God, this song is a gem)
Show Me Love (Not A Dream) (my favorite song off of her SINGLE COLLCTION VOL.II next to Goodbye Happiness)
Stay Gold (the title speaks for itself, fucking gold)
ぼくはくま :3
First Love
Flavor Of Life
Beautiful World

虹色バス (ugh. this. another sentimental moment.)
• Across the Universe (the Beatles Cover) (this is VERY SWEET. she was playing acoustic guitar whilst singing.)
Can’t Wait Till Christmas
time will tell (a very lovely -and intriguing- song as an ending, I believe she sang this as a secret message about her hiatus and all)

she is everything to me. and will always be.


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