• God is powerful.

    9 juin 2012, 8h22m

    Fri 8 Jun – Jesus Culture - One Night in Brasilia God is truly powerful. Whtat an amazing worship night.
  • The Softwares that i use the most [2 - 2011]

    7 août 2011, 19h45m

    1 - Google Chrome - My favorite web browser. It's pretty fast and with a simple design that makes a charm. You can just pop it open and surf anything with freedom. Google, I love you for giving me Chrome.
    2 - Itunes - Last year, i was using another laptop and i was all about windows media player. But since i rediscovered itunes and the itunes plus songs and the beauty of its library i never came back to WMP. Itunes works better on better pcs and wow, it's awesome browsing thru your entire library and checking out album covers and etc.
    3 - Scrobbler - If there's music happening, last-fm scrobbler is up.
    4 - Jdownloader - I am ALWAYS downloading something these days. I have like 70 movies downloaded that i haven't seen and i still browse looking for things to download. Thank you, Jdown.
    5 - MSN Messenger - I don't use it as often as i used to, but it's almost always opened when i am not busy on the pc.
    6 - Windows Media Classic Player - Great for movies, video music and more.
  • Great show, Avril's voice... Not so much.

    5 août 2011, 15h55m

    Quinta 4 Ago – The Black Star Tour

    Great setlist, but Avril is a laid back singer. She doesnt give a 100% of her in almost all songs. That's just bad.
  • Paramore gig in Brasilia

    17 fév. 2011, 3h33m

    Quarta 16 Fev – Paramore - South American Tour 2011

    Damn. They left a lot of good songs out of this gig, and played almost the ENTIRE brand new eyes cd. ok. I got it. it's the brand new eyes tour, but it's almost a sin to left born for this, fances & more out of the show. bummer =(
    and it was super quick, but it was okay.
  • The Softwares that i use the most

    11 mai 2010, 1h45m

    1 - Last.Fm Scrobbler - always on, always using it.
    2 - Windows Media Player , becuase you know.. iTunes is fancy and all that, but if you want a quick play with a nice design, hit WMP.
    3 - iTunes - as life, beauty takes time.
    4 - MSN Messenger - chat, chat, chat, chat.
    5 - The KMPlayer - good Lord, i love .mkv files. brought me HD movies and BluRay Rips, oh man.. life is better now.
    6 - RapidShare Manager - if you don't know what it is, it's a simple program that is a handful for premium users. log into a forum, pick links for a movie in hd that you want to see, drag them into the program, and that's it. just chill and wait. not that i'm into piracy. no way, i buy cd's, i buy movies, games and dvd's... i support the industy more than the average. so you know, gotta get something back from it.
    7 - PS3 Media Server - it's SO good. wanna see .mkv files on ps3? use THIS software. when your laptop needs a break, just open this and send your movies to ps3. if the file is not compatible, the program does the trick: it transforms it automatically. simply and quickly.

    soo.. these are my top softwares. what about yours?