• October 08 a month in Rock

    13 nov. 2008, 12h24m

    I've decided to try making a post a month here on, with a few words on the gigs I've been to. I sometimes forget what I've been to and sometimes I think I don't appreciate it! So Starting with that most rocking of all months october!

    we be naked at the miller
    I started the month by playing a few gigs in Ripping Yarns one in London with my friend Bas from Pfaff in his new band we be naked. Who reminded me very much of Bettie Serveert, and that's not cos I'm some sort of, "al dutch are the same" bigot, more because they did operate in a similar area. Four square tunes with a powerful female voice. A couple of years ago Econoline played at the songs from east day in Amsterdam (only it was called that in dutch), we played in Bas' back garden and spent the day trotting round other people's houses, a bike shop, art galleries etc. The singer lady from We Be Naked, did an excellent set in her bedroom, and provided excellent snacks.
    Our Cambridge buddies tupolev ghost played too, this was the first time I'd seen their new line up. It seemed a very coherent and rocking set. Probably helped by the fact that I could actually hear them all rather than being obliterated by the volume, James should probably only be allowed a little amp. I can hear alot of the mid- late 90's dischord/ some roster in their sound. The departure of certain canadian bound members seems to have tamed their more experimental tendencies, but perhaps that'll come back with a bit more time for them to play together. London buddies Jack Mountain were on first and were excellent, particularly the interjections on a bugbrand noise making gadget during several tunes. Unfortunately Dan walked off with my copy of battle for the planet of the rockers and I've not gotten a chance to check it out yet.

    Das Wanderlust
    The next show of the month was a Model Village substitution, drummers eh? You can't trust 'em. Dan and I stepped in the breach and opened for excellent MIddlesborough based wonky noise pop band Das Wanderlust. They had an excellent set up keys/ guitars/ drums/ yelling. A winner. Reminded me of Deerhoof with the fiddly drum bits replaced with handclaps and enthusiasm, I bought two of their 7"s but then left them in the bloody practice room and went to morocco for a week so I've not had a chance to listen to them either! . micropenis Cambridge's answer to Peaches headlined, Russell could use a bigger amp, but other than that it's hard to fault the execution.

    After my sojourn in Morocco, where I enjoyed some traditional Gnawa music complete with awesome jumping up in the air and clapping style dancing, I headed back and hit this show

    A.R.E Weapons, Ulterior, canaveral at the soul tree

    This was somewhat mared by the fact that I fell down the bloody stairs, and hurt my knee something rotten! My additions to theCanaveral set were minimal. Matt abysmal 's helium addled larynx, Pete Latahs drone and most of the fuzzy lights carried the show more than comfortably. The other bands were not my cup of tea, though Ulterior had one excellent synth pop song at the end of their set. Which I think was the one track I'd heard by them online before. The show was pretty quiet and made me feel bad for Tim from "now it's on" who'd also put on the das wanderlust show, a shame for him.

    and finally
    Lords at the portland
    Oops that means that I only went to one gig in October that I didn't play at, (V. poor), I have been to more already in November though. It was most excellent to see Lords again, a rare treat now that their drummer lives in a different country. They ripped it up with some choice selections from Everyone Is People and some of their old tunes too. I particularly enjoyed Phil's more confident vocals and stage manner. Probably because he is a proper grown up now and getting married and that. Blaklava filled the room with their doom duo style. I'd been recording with them over the summer, so the live setting was a change of pace, it was nice to only hear the tunes once through. (HA HA). C Joynes opened, shamefully I've managed to miss all of his many sets in cambridge since moving here. So can't compare this rockier version to his normal acoustic sets. It put me in mind of some of chris' lords' Last of the real hardmen loud sets, the addition of simon from Lionshare on various stringed instruments and drones added something, but i found myself more interested in the guitar and would like to hear the acoustic versions of the tunes.

    Anyway there you are October, and I probably missed something out, but who knows!
  • some new tunes up by my new group!

    13 jan. 2008, 21h31m

    yes Ripping Yarns the band I'm doing with dan from I Had An Inkling has a few songs up on an album on last fm The Early Yarns we recorded it ourselves just before and after xmas. We've got a gig or two coming up in february one with Epideme at the portland arms 25/2 and hopefully one of the other jolly smashing cambridge groups. We are also hoping to grace the stage in London with I'm Being Good, it seems we're mainly going to the jonson family bands where possible. No bad thing there. Anyway if folks have a listen then I hope they can let us know what they reckon.. also we are on a permanent gig want so offer us whatever you have.
  • A few days watching the pinback/ dudley corp tour.

    26 nov. 2007, 12h47m

    Sat 24 Nov – Pinback, The Dudley Corporation, This Town Needs Guns
    Sadly I missed this town needs guns due to a pressing appointment with some fish pie, (very nice it was too). We arrived just in time to catch Dudley Corporation blast through a condensed set, I'd put the dudley corp's headline show in cambridge the night beforeand was again grinning madly at the general stop start cleverness of all their tunes, they did Divil The Bit both nights as well which is easily my favourite of their tunes. All in all A++ would cook breakfast for again, also nice to see stand in bassist Rob Bochnik busting out one of his own tunes to cover the usual string breakages on the guitar players front. The Cambridge gig had been strangely lacking in technical faults from the corpo lads, and even The Tupolev Ghost managed not to break anything, leaving first time giggers Righteous Bastards to tick that box by breaking my kick drum pedal with their massive sludge rock (Which ruled). Keen observers will note that my wife has put up some pictures from Ripping Yarnsportion of the evening. Which myself and Dan enjoyed enormously!
    I was feeling slightly anxious at the start of the
    Pinbackset tonight as two nights before in London a really bad sound/ vibe had made them seem pretty ordinary, which is a bad way to feel about one of your favourite bands. But in the Roadhouse the sound and general vibe were spot on (also i had a few bottles of newcastle brown ale to help me along). The set tonight was almost exactly the same as in London, but even the tunes from the new album, which I've not checked out yet, sounded loads better, and the stuff off the first two records sounded incredible. Yet another reason why I am glad I don't live in London anymore!
  • The Dudley Corporation this friday in Cambridge 23/11

    20 nov. 2007, 9h56m

    I've helped my buddies The dudley Corporation out on their night off from touring with Pinback and got them playing at the Portland arms this friday 23/11, it's £5 and an 8pm start

    here's the blurb

    All the way from Dublin, Ireland, The Dudley Corporation! Finely tuned indie rock, this is their only UK headline show while they're on a europe wide tour with Pinback.. who coincidentally have a night off tonight.. (special guests, who knows?). Stopping, starting, whistleable melodic indie rock, they have been known to consort with Pinback (on two previous tours), Low, boris, and many others.. In support we have area men, The Tupolev Ghost, who will be busting your ears and whispering sweet nothings all at once. To open preceedings debut's from two acts, the fen's finest Righteous Bastards, bring their sludgy instrumental vibes and also we have the first showing of a brand new piece entitled Ripping Yarns, this work consists of two men playing drums and guitar and singing. Intriguing. So to recap

    The Tupolev Ghost
    Righteous Bastards
    Dudley Corporation
    Ripping Yarns

    all for a fiver, come one come all!
    Check out the last fm page for the event here
  • blinded by the LEDs

    24 sept. 2007, 8h30m

    Wed 19 Sep – Get Hustle, Grey Daturas, Lovvers.
    Crushingdeathandgrief brought yet more joy to cambridge with this triple header, starting off with Lovvers fronted by good Worcester Lad Shaun from The Murder Of Rosa Luxembourgand featuring three other dudes churning up some scratchy punk sounds very reminiscent of The Germsand Skull Kontrol check the video out . The sound on the clip is actually better than in the room as you can hear the sneering pretty clearly, I was into this and look forward to hearing their new material on the mighty Jonson family . I was looking forward to the Grey Daturas after checking them out online, and although it was a big warm sounding fudge of noise, I could've used a few more riffs, I could also have done with being able to hear the drummer over the guitar amps, but i guess that's part of the charm. The Get Hustle on the other hand, had no problem getting the drums up over the amps, despite having a REALLY loud set up for the electric piano player, who was also toying with a nice tape delay and some sort of teeny keyboard, the grooves on display were most impressive and terrifying front lady was holding court like no ones business, After each song, there was a moment's silence where people were actually catching their breath before applauding. Nice work. Another video here
  • Blood Red Shoes @ the Graduate in Cambridge

    19 sept. 2007, 11h47m

    Mon 17 Sep – Blood Red Shoes, Econoline, Ghost of a thousand

    There's a silkworm song that goes "did you ever have a friend, who did much better than you had planned" and sometimes success breeds feelings like that, but sometimes it's just not the case at all. Watching Steve and Laura in Blood Red Shoesgo from tentative steps in tiny venues through to proper headline tours has been totally inspiring. The album's in the can, and the kids are there loving it, before it's out. Pretty much every tune has a massive shout along chorus, and I can just see a load of disaffected yout' hammering the line "I wish, I was someone better" over and over on their little weeny iphone/ brain implants or whatever. It was smart and even had a bit of vintage, ansell crowd telling off that was straight from the cat on form jar. He rightly told off some jeering LAD or other for giving laura some gyp.
    Ghost of a thousand sounded like they were ripping the place up but I couldn't see what was happening, cos the stage was a bit small or I am, one or the other, I enjoyed our Econolineset, and felt it was a fair showing given that I'd spent the day before lying on the sofa unable to stand up, piers' was on antibiotics and Charlie had been to see Prince the night before, got home at 4am, and still gone to work. That's what I call a can do attitude.
  • Finally I caught Reigns Live!

    15 sept. 2007, 16h57m

    Fri 14 Sep – pocus whiteface, Reigns, Superman Revenge Squad I came to this show to see Reigns because every other time I've tried to see them I've either missed them due to being late, ended up playing at another gig, or the gigs been cancelled. I was also going to catch up with my Blackhorse chum joe who's moved to somerset (where Reigns are based). Despite having to battle through the constant crowd chattering i thought they captured the intricacies of tracks from both their records, which is impressive given the levels of instrumentation/ wierd noises/ ambience etc. The interplay between tim and roo's guitar and piano is much more obvious (particularly as I thought some of the keys were programmed on the record which ain't so), and the weight of the live bass filled out the sound very nicely with the programmed drums and samples, not quite on the level of joes bass mangling with Hey Colossus but a great warm up for their set today at the end of the road festival. I missed much of the dude from tempertwig's set at the start, though I was informed it was well The Wedding Present innit. I did catch pocus whiteface and they've come on a long way since Econoline played with them last year at the Macbeth. Theo's talky/singing works well and they are less obviously gypping on the sonic youth and filing away more in the UK arty jar, some bits even sounded slightly like Calvin Party which is a jolly good way to sound. Another Silver Rocket night of contrasts and people talking through quiet bands, but what can you do!
  • Tellison at the portland last night (12/9)

    13 sept. 2007, 8h47m

    Wed 12 Sep – DARTZ!, Tellison, The Tupelov GhostTellisonwere ace last night, very much like the get up kids circa their first record, but seeing as the get up kids were pretty much crap after their first album, this is a jolly good thing! The Tupolev Ghoststruggled a bit with their drummer having to do sound but the second to last tune with two drummers was pretty feisty. Nice work.
  • more free tunes

    25 jui. 2007, 21h13m

    So as econoline have decided to gig again in october (the week before I get married no less!) I put some more free tunes up, three of the songs from our saviours of indie rock recorded with steve ansell ofBlood Red Shoes/Cat on Form infamy! I also put up our first econoline EP to stream, we recorded that 7 years this summer with Phill Rodgers of Reynolds. Enjoy them. CHEERS Ian Econoline
  • More Free tunes

    25 jui. 2007, 21h13m

    So as econoline have decided to gig again in october (the week before I get married no less!) I put some more free tunes up, three of the songs from our saviours of indie rock recorded with steve ansell ofBlood Red Shoes/Cat on Form infamy! I also put up our first econoline EP to stream, we recorded that 7 years this summer with Phill Rodgers of Reynolds. Enjoy them. CHEERS Ian Econoline