awesome-tastic song mix: A


28 mai 2007, 5h40m

a mix of my all-time favorite songs by artists beginning with the letter 'a':

3 Libras by A Perfect Circle: surprising? i don't like a perfect circle at all, but i love love love this song. it has a beautiful melody and is less harsh than the rest of their work.

Lumen by Akron/Family: passionate vocals and an infectious melody with a serene but aggressive pace. the centerpiece of a great album.

Rooster by Alice in Chains: i can only listen to AIC's unplugged album. it's the only way that i can really hear layne staley and jerry cantrell's chemistry come to life, but boy is it a masterpiece. rooster is actually the only AIC song that i like the studio version of, but the unplugged version strips away the distortion and shows the song's true beauty. it's amazing how much of AIC's canon passes the unplugged test.

It's Not My Cross To Bear by The Allman Brothers Band: gregg allman's vocals on this song might just be the sexiest thing to ever come out of a 22 year-old's mouth. between the vocals and guitars, this song drips raw sensuality and soul.

Educated Guess by Ani DiFranco: not your typical ani difranco song. this is probably some of her best guitar work. it's really catchy in an odd way - i like songs like that.

Mouth Wooed Her by Animal Collective: i was very, very stoned the first time i heard this song and it was fucking great. it fucks with your head like no other. it might actually be the best song ever written for those in altered states. even after hearing it gazillions of times, i still don't understand it.

Dry Clothesby Annuals: pretty and strange. the first half is equally as great as the second half. adam baker has an undeniable gift.

Tidal Wave by Apples in Stereo: this song makes me feel great every time i listen to it. before i ever knew that it was featured on the 'nightcrawlers' episode of pete and pete, i realized it embodied the entire pete and pete aesthetic. apples in stereo at their finest.

Awesome Fantasies by applied communications: i don't quite know how i feel about max wood's body of work as a whole, but individually most of his songs are great. this is his best. catchy hook/sample/whatever you want to call it, lots of noise, funny theme. another pretty talented guy.

Neighborhood #3 (Power Out) by Arcade Fire: what an unusual-sounding song. the glockenspiel is the best part. i always get giddy when they shout "we found the light!" and then clap their hands.

A Certain Romance by Arctic Monkeys: i think pitchfork described the bassline in this song as "neo-ska". i only say that because that's one of the few times pitchfork has been right-on in describing something. anyway, it's a fucking great bass line. and it makes the whole song. it's also fun to sing along to because i don't have a northern english accent.

that was fun! maybe i'll do 'b' soon.


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