• Daring you people to create weirdest tags than mine.

    20 mars 2007, 5h30m

    The journal title explains pretty much about itself. :D
  • Guessing a song. Or many songs...

    1 nov. 2006, 2h54m

    I saw that on Hildur's journal. I found this game nice.

    It's like that, just put your media player to shuffle songs and write pieces of the lyrics of the first 25 songs played.
    And let people guess what's the song :D
    Using search engines = cheat.

    Okay, here we go:

    1. you just ain't receiving, your phone is off the hook.
    2. every mink walks two by two.
    3. so much hate for the ones we love.
    4. you never hear a single word i say, don't ever come my way.
    5. on any given day, we might fall apart (easy one :D)
    6. they don't tell you what you know you should want.
    7. i'm a fool whose tool is small.
    8. royal canadian blended, the spicy aroma had mended me.
    9. the stinks are here, it's guaranteed all's forgotten
    10. oniichan, shachousan, oyomesan, keep tryin' tryin' tryin'
    11. all you need to make a movie is a gun and a girl.
    12. so i came down to crash and burn your beggars banquet.
    13. i can't articulate it; consistently frustrated;
    14. por beber del veneno malevo de tu amor, me quedé moribundo e lleno de dolor.
    15. visions of greed you wallow.
    16. on the top of the world you get nothing done.
    17. just like a faucet that leaks and there is confort in the sound
    18. ich heisse superphantastisch, ich trinke schampus und lachsfich!
    19. it's such a shame you're a boy.
    20. jack give me some money to pay my bills
    21. why do all love disciples have to wither and die?
    22. i'm waiting for some things to go wrong.
    23. arriving late, you clean the debris
    24. i wanna be the place you call home.
    25. i'm just trying to remember who i can call home (24 and 25 sounds the same s*** after all o.o)

    okay, some tips: Placebo, Muse, and Death Cab For Cutie got more than one entry. the same for Utada Hikaru. but there are some hard ones on this list too.
    good luck on guessing. :D

    btw: don't even THINK of using google.