Week in music 26 Feb - 4 Mar 2007


4 mars 2007, 8h48m

Tue 27 Feb - Beautiful World, Sandringham Hotel

Hadn't even stepped inside the Sando since it had stopped being one of inner wests musical landmarks about 8 years ago, what a different place it is, as a pub it is not bad, as a venue very odd, only a tiny room upstairs.
Here to see my old friend Ben's band, Beautiful World, who seemed to have a few new songs and played with their usual energy and volume. Great distortion driven pop songs with Ben's breathy vocals. Turned up late on purpose so didn't actually see that much of the set.

Thu 1 Mar – Yo La Tengo, David Kilgour
Back at the Metro and thanks to MTV and their media event we all had to wait for entry and thus the show started almost and hour late, thankfully this did not cut down on the length of the sets, just the amount of sleep I got before work the next day.
By the time I made it into the Metro David Kilgour had already started. I could immediately understand why this was an appropriate support for Yo La Tengo, great diversity of musical styles and multiple overlaid instrumentation, found it very entertaining even though I wasn't in a great mood, was actually annoyed to be going to a gig by myself this night.
After a long break between sets Yo La Tengo quietly walked onto the stage at this point I should have realised what kind of crowd I was in, the kind that knows maybe one or two songs from an artist and just won't shut up and listen they annoyed me a lot especially with the endless chatter during the quieter moments of the set. Got that of my chest now what I actually thought.
Yo La Tengo started with a very quiet and beautiful piece that I don't know the name of, if anyone does can you tell me, followed by the distortion driven behemoth that is Pass The Hatchet, I Think I'm Goodkind, this made me and much of the crowd very happy, this was the exactly the kind of thing I wanted them to play. The set went on for a very long time, as I don't own a watch I have no idea how long maybe close to 90 minutes, with many great tracks played beautifully such as the ubiquitous mr tough, Black Flowers, The Race Is On Again and the moving I Feel Like Going Home as my favourite of the night, a great performance with two notable problems.
1 - The crowd really gave me the shits, people please shut up some of us actually like to listen to the music not your stupid chatter.
2 - The mix was bad, really bad in parts, vocals were hard to pick out, it was the kind of mix I would expect from an in house mixer at a small pub. As I have mixed in that room on that desk I know that it's not that hard it was always my favourite place to mix.

Fri 2 Mar – The Walkmen, Archie Bronson Outfit, Snowman
A last minute change of plans on Friday saw me at the Factory Theatre in Marrickville to see three bands I knew nothing about always a challenge but hey how else am I going to learn about new things, I took lots of photos so I am including a few.
Started out with fresh faced talent from Freemantle in the form of Snowman

What a suprising act, so many different influences melted together to make an exciting new sound, I really liked these kids, though I felt sorry for them for playing to a completely empty dance floor area while everyone just stood at the back of the room, this also made me feel very uncomfortable taking photos.

Next up were the Archie Bronson Outfit

from the UK, suddenly the crowd moved up for the 3 hillbilly looking rockers, well this blues rock just didn't work for me, not really enough going on, so after a few songs I moved to the bar area to talk with my friend (left the band area to talk people, remember that).

Then for the headline act The Walkmen a band that is apparently well known, obviously I'm just not cool enough or my music friends don't watch enough of the OC, don't ask me I hardly watch any TV its bad for you.

These guys were good, playing good loud soft music, with heaps of percussion, an actual piano and keyboards at the same time, as well as the happiest looking drummer on the planet, see photo below, really did have a good night watching these guys but was distracted from the music by the need to take photos.

The only songs I know they played were The Rat and Louisiana if anyone else can help fill in the details please post a comment, so I can work out which album to buy.


  • eyoungdale07m

    That sucks about the crowd noise during the Yo La Tengo set. I don't understand why people would pay for a concert and then talk over the music. Anyway, I envy you for being able to see them. They aren't coming to California anytime soon.

    4 mars 2007, 19h11m
  • markyd75

    i think the first song from the YLT set was Our Way to Fall. I really liked them that night, but Peter, Bjorn & John who were on at the same venue the following night just blew me away. Oh and it's Fremantle, not Freemantle :)

    5 mars 2007, 0h23m
  • iain69

    Thanks marky that is the song and I should know how the spell Fremantle.

    7 mars 2007, 9h21m
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