• thanks..

    27 mars 2009, 3h09m

    i hate the blank look youre giving me.
    i can't tell what you're thinking anymore.
    i don't think i want to.
    i don't even know you now.
    you were my best friend.
    my very own little treasure.
    and i was so proud to claim you.
    everyone else saw just another guy,
    but i saw something different.
    something special.
    i loved the way you were.
    that way you're eyes lit up when we were together.
    how gentle you were with me,
    as if i would break.
    how when you kissed me,
    it was so soft and sweet.
    how when you told me you loved me for the first time,
    i had no doubt you were telling the truth.
    you were perfection to me.
    but nobody's perfect.
    i know that now.
    you changed.
    i knew i was losing you.
    i tried so hard to keep you,
    but you shoved me away.
    i hugged you and knew you felt nothing.
    when you looked at me...
    it felt like i was unworthy.
    if i couldn't share my life with you,
    i didn't value life at all.
    yet here i am,
    trying to move on.
    but you left me in love alone.
    part of me is missing.
    i want it back, but it will always be yours.
    whether you want it or not.
    i know you've changed.
    you're eyes are different.
    i don't know this new boy they call Richard.
    i know the boy i called mine.
    and i can't help but wonder if he's still in there..
    but its okay if he's not.
    he'll always be in my memories.
    we ended with anger and tears and bad habits.
    but i have no regrets.
    except that we couldn't make it.
    so thanks for being there.
    i needed that, and i'll be forever grateful.
    you changed me.
    you picked up all my peices and put me back together.
    you taught me to love again.
    i get it if you're gone for good,
    but just know if you ever do come back
    (from wherever you are exactly)...
    my door will be open,
    and you'll be welcome.