Artists who are not very successful, but still making good music.


31 jui. 2011, 13h29m

Christina Milian, a rnb & pop singersongwriter & actress from the USA.

Her first song was AM to PM. It reached #3 in UK, but only #27 in the USA and #54 in Germany.
Her next single When You Look at Me reached #3 in UK, #13 in Germany (her highest hit in Germany). The song wasn't released in the USA.
Her biggest hit is: Dip It Low. It reached #2 in UK, #5 in the USA, #1 in the USA Dance charts & #17 in the Germany.

She released 3 albums:
- Christina Milian(2001)
- It's About Time (2004)
- So Amazin' (2006)

Christina released 2006 Best Of in Japan.
A new album is planned for 2011:Elope.

Her best songs:

Elope: Us Against the World

Christina Milian: When You Look at Me, AM to PM, Thank YouYou Make Me Laugh & Got To Have You

It's About Time: Someday One Day, Dip It Low, Oh Daddy, I'm Sorry & Miss You Like Crazy

So Amazin': Gonna Tell Everybody, Say I, Who's Gonna Ride, Just A Little Bit & She Don't Know


1. Us Against the World
2. Gonna Tell Everybody
3. Say I
4. Someday One Day
5. When You Look at Me
6. Am to PM
7. Oh Daddy
8. Dip It Low
9. I'm Sorry
10. She Don't Know


Elise Estrada , a Canadian pop singer and actress.

Her biggest success is her songUnLove You. It charted at #11 in Canada.

Elise released 2 albums:
- Elise Estrada
- Here Kitty Kittee

There are some other songs, which have been reeased. The album was called "Elise Estrada", too, but you can can find the album here: Self Titled.

Her best songs:

Elise Estrada: UnLove You, Poison, S.O.S. & Torture*

* The song Torture was re-record by the duo Rin On The Rox after the rights were surrendered.

Here Kitty Kittee: You're So Hollywood, Lipstick, Yin Yang, First Degree, Heartless & Acapella

Other songs:Crushed, I Be That (She sang this song in the series Hellcats) & A Christmas Wish


1. Yin Yang
2. Lipstick
3. You're So Hollywood
4. First Degree
5. UnLove You
6. Poison
7. S.O.S.
8. Heartless
9. Crushed (song wasn't released, you can watch it on youtube)
10. Torture



Rin on the Rox , an American duo who became famous through their youtube videos. They covered songs like Halo and Hush Hush.Erin “Rin”Perey is of Filipino descent, and Roxanne “Rox” Ilano is of Filipino/German descent. But now they don't sing together anymore. They have released only one song: Torture, they re-record it. Original was sung by: Elise Estrada.

Their best song:


Their best covers:

- Halo Their best cover & the best Cover ever of Halo (original by Beyoncé). WATCH IT!

- Hush Hush (original by The Pussycat Dolls)

- If I Were a Boy (original by Beyoncé)

- Us Against the World (original by Christina Milian)

But what they have their own youtubeaccounts:
Erin: erinpaulaa & Roxanne: OneRoxVilano

Erin released 2 songs under the name Erin Paula.
In the Mirror & iPod



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