#05 Crouching 80s Hidden Acronym, I Just Don’t Think Its Funny, or Clever, or In…


5 juin 2010, 11h44m

Ever so rarely does one come across a ‘local’ band that proves itself to be both introspective and fresh. From providing eccentric live performances to a strong record, Crouching 80s Hidden Acronym (C8HA) fit the mould in their 6-track EP, I Just Don’t Think Its Funny, or Clever, or In Good Taste.

Beginning with a somewhat aptly named “Neo Nazi (I Won’t Come To Your Party)”, the endeavour begins a sporadic series of squeals and yells that immediately jumps out as an anthem of youth, one in which seems directed at a specific person. Teenagers, hey?

Nostalgia hits, as the listener moves from the previous dance anthem to “HSC”. Interestingly, this is the place where C8HA move out from being a yet another dance/indie band, they instill thought, ‘but I opened you up and found nothing inside like a rather pointless game of pass-the-parcel’. To tie in with the familiar theme of youth; the title of the track, “HSC”, expands the previous parameter of disdain towards a fascist’s social gathering into something which the members (and their prospective audience) can directly relate to. This is C8HA’s stronghold in the endeavour - youth. It is immature vocally, which is most certainly not a criticism. It enhances the composition and ties into these all too familiar themes of youth and an almost nostalgic sounds cape. They’ve found a place where they are comfortable with themselves and their sound. This is the strongest place on the composition.

Experiments sometimes don’t always go as planned. The third track, “Experiment” is a pretty extreme deviation from the rest of the EP. I’ve found it difficult to find anything positive to say about this track, it has a pretty frustrating succession of weird vocal sounds and annoying electronic effects. It ruins the flow of the EP.

As the “burrrrrr” fades out from the disappointment of an experiment gone wrong, an immediate sign filters through my headphones as I raise my head and simile. Here we have it, they’ve picked it up. The fourth, “K!” is a series tantalising hooks and rolling bass lines. It’s tight as hell and binds the piece together as an extension of the youthful motif. This is what I love about albums/EPs, when an artist binds their work together that flows through easily, without alienating a listener.

“Go easy on Girls/Ghosts”, he says. “Girls/Ghosts” needs re-working. The vocals are way out of tune, but yet, on the criteria of unity, it excels exceptionally. The repetitive “What do I say?” towards the end of the track, minus the pitch, is a healthy reminder of where these guys are at. The recording on the EP really doesn’t do them justice, and it is actually one of the tracks I look forward to the most whenever they play a show.

“Glass Houses” extends the experimentation of the composition, proving them to not be as reliant on hooks and licks that get the hipster kids dancing. It is the shortest on the EP, but perhaps is the most lyrically convincing pieces on the work. Providing introspection and freshness, its only downfall is its placement on the EP. It would be much better suited as being the third track, especially since it seems to end too soon, without leaving time for digestion.

Crouching 80s Hidden Acronym are interesting. When I first saw them approximately one year ago at an establishment I wasn’t too thrilled to be going to, I was massively impressed. Here, in I Just Don’t Think Its Funny, or Clever, or In Good Taste, they’ve impressed me again. They’ve offered insight and relevance on a record that kept me entertained on the most part for eighteen minutes.


NB: You can listen here: http://crouching80shiddenacronym.bandcamp.com/

They’ve put each song up individually for free download, but if you buy it there’s a few special features.


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