Eliane Radigue


29 mars 2006, 22h48m

I remember the first time I listened to biogenesis. It's packaged as a lovely 3" CD in a gatefold sleeve, part of the "Cinema for the Ear" series on the French electroacoustic label Metamkine.

So this first time I listened to it, was on headphones lying on the couch with all the lights turned off and it just seemed the perfect way to experience it. I've done it again that way -- in fact, it tends to be my favourite way of listening to a lot of .

"Biogenesis" has a wonderful, and not particularly surprising, organic quality. After all, it is underpinned by the beating of a heart. As a whole, Radigue's drone is like a massive bed of warmth, all humming and pulsing. It's a bit disconcerting too, and some of that humming is a bit alienating (like the constant background noise which permeates Todd Haynes' film Safe, which is all about urban alienation). Mostly, though, it's about the warmth for me, about the feeling of sinking into a piece of music.

There's no drone I can recommend higher than this release by Ms Eliane Radigue.


  • maxinemogadon

    Sounds great, I shall investigate further...

    31 mars 2006, 7h56m
  • Rios

    SHe rules.

    4 juin 2006, 19h30m
  • daredevillive

    Have you tried trilogie de la mort? (Kyema,Kailasha,Koume) Kyema is my personal favourite...

    9 nov. 2006, 1h03m
  • snailed

    Totally agree, what a wonderful piece! It's almost as if Ms. Radigue has molded a sculpture of a real, living being with this piece. That's what I always think when I listen to it. Great sleeping music too at the right volume. Fine post Mr. Hoshuteki :)

    9 oct. 2007, 18h36m
  • _duif

    going to a diffusion of L'île re-sonante tonight (in the presence of the composer), and tomorrow I get to lead a Q&A with her.. exciting!

    29 nov. 2007, 18h04m
  • concretica


    17 avr. 2008, 22h40m
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