5 loved doom songs


10 fév. 2007, 11h35m

I just wanted to do the top 5 for this time ...

SUNSET OF AGE off The Silent Enigma album

It's in my opinion the best track Danny Cavanagh has ever written for Anathema... it just stays as an unknown gem, hidden in the bands doomy, heavy and stoned beginnigs in the underground ... simply a gust of guitar-based melancholy ... very emotive one ...

the lyrics are pretty poetic and beautiful as well ...
"... with joyous masquerade the summers died."

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MELANCHOLY GREY off Jug Fulla Sun album

Spirit Caravan are a band of Wino, the voice of Saint Vitus. They played some mixture of heavy blues, stoner rock and doom metal, this song is the doomier one, but indeed, really great one.

"..Carried by song, until I hear
That eternal sound.."

SATURN'S CHILDREN off We Live album

This is the stoned one (as all the tracks here :) ), but this is Electric Wizard ! It's from their newest album, that's being criticized because it's even possible to hear what the guitar plays! :)) ha ... it's just not as heavy as Come my fanatics... for example ... it's a long, heavy, psychedelic guitar jam. But I love it.

The lyrics rule : "... Turn off your mind, there's nothing to find..."

LA FIGLIE DELLA TEMPESTA off The Dreadful Hours album

This is taken from My Dying Bride's album that I do not really love, Turn Loose the Swans is the best ever, but that song is great. It's not as guitarishly sludgy as the rest of the journal, it is really atmospheric, even kinda gothic song, with awesome vocals. It's long and the atmosphere is great. Overwhelimg.

"..weave your web of lies, catch the drifters by...ice as eyes lured my soul...look of lust froze me cold..."

JACK FROST off V album

This is slow one from my favourite Saint Vitus album. Just great psychedelic guitar solo in the middle. And awesome heavy guitar riffing. I just can't describe what the riff after "Winter is coming.." does with me. I love this song.

These songs have something in common, besides that I love them they have deep atmosphere and except for the bride thing they are all downtuned, dirty, heavy, slow guitar tunes ... they bring me just so beautiful melancholy and help to turn the suicidal depression into reconciliation with the world or something like that ... :)

Sunset of Age
Melancholy Grey
Saturn's Children
Le Figlie della Tempesta
Jack Frost


  • -Eld-

    Good writing man!! This all must be really important and personal listing for you. And more likely just wanted to say i love theese songs myself too. Wether people liked or not,theese are for sure something really personal and don´t need that much more agreeing or disagreeing. That what Jack Frost makes to feel when hearing it - is so true, writing it down myself too!! :) And V-Album..just love the one. What comes to Anathema - oh.. they have allways known how to talk about emotions so well...and succeed every time with such emotive and beautiful way. And that what comes to Spirit Caravan and their sounds, and Wino´s voice especially... it´s just something out of this world!! :) Hope i didn´t forget anything.. having atm here my morning coffee with listening the same bands and reading through stuffz from here..saw this and wanted to say: good choices and nice to find people liking stuff which is important for myself too. Now gettin some more coffee :) Doom on!!

    24 mars 2008, 6h45m
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