• Savages at Bunk Bar

    16 avr. 2013, 7h59m

    Mon 15 Apr – Savages
    They talk about those rare shows in history that spawn dozens of new bands as a result of the witnesses in attendance being so inspired by the spectacle before them. Tonight, that happened again. The four women in Savages brought to the U.S. a sense of urgency that lacks severely in its national climate of bands. Of course, there are exceptions - K-Holes from New York are equally on the same path of total annihilation of audiences perception. Few others come to mind, but that is beside the point. Savages fused together shards of post-punk past and married it with the intensity of underground basement shows filled to the brim with over-excited teens. There is poetry in the chaos they conjure, and Portland was a city that could decipher it perfectly. The band did an encore, which they remarked on as being the very first in their history as a band. We were humbled. They were grateful. We all were amazed.
  • Grouper at RAW Festival

    11 mars 2013, 9h14m

    Wed 6 Mar – RAW Festival 2013

    The March 9th performance Grouper gave was stunning. She played several unreleased songs between passages of her ambient tape loops. The material, which I assume was all newer, were fantastic. One even included the first semblance of percussion (to my knowledge of her music) - though it was a single-repeating bass drum-like thunder that beat once every measure. The same song also featured her use of heavily compressed fuzz on her guitar, which was otherwise cloaked throughout the set in her standard wall of reverb-wash. The chapel room she played in was completely packed, with barely standing room left - with everyone providing their full attention.
  • My Favorite Releases of 2012 (so far)

    16 mai 2012, 20h19m

    Air ‘Le Voyage Dans La Lune’ LP+DVD
    A-Sun Amissa 'Desperate In Her Heavy Sleep' LP
    Beach House 'Bloom' LP
    The Big Pink 'Future This' LP
    Black Marble “A Different Arrangement” LP
    Black Rain ‘Now I'm Just A Number: Soundtracks 1994-95’ LP
    Black to Comm ‘Earth’ LP
    The Caretaker 'Patience (After Sebald)' LP
    Chromatics 'Kill for Love' LP
    Suzanne Ciani ‘Voices Of Packaged Souls’ LP
    Crocodiles ‘Endless Flowers’ LP
    Phillipe D'aram ‘Fascination (Original Score)’ 10"
    Gareth Davis & Frances-Marie Uitti ‘Gramercy’ LP
    Deathday 'Deathday' CS
    Demdike Stare 'Elemental' 4xEP
    Die Jungen 'At Breath's End' LP
    Nils Frahm ‘The Bells’ LP
    Grouper 'Violet Replacment' CD-R
    Half String ‘Maps for Sleep’ LP
    Haxan Cloak 'Haxan Cloak' LP
    Iain Sinclair ‘Stone Tape Shuffle’ LP
    Ingenting Kollektiva ‘Fragments Of Night’ LP
    Je Suis Le Petit Chevalier ‘An Age of Wonder’ 12" EP
    Karl O'Connor ‘White Savage Dance’ 12" EP
    K-Holes 'Dismania' LP
    Richard Knox & Frédéric D. Oberland 'The Rustle of the Stars' LP
    Konntinent 'Kiruna' LP
    Kreng ‘Box Set - Works for Abattoir Fermé 2007 - 2011’
    The KVB 'Always Then' LP
    Lotus Plaza 'Spooky Action at a Distance' LP
    Lussuria ‘American Babylon’ LP
    Maribel 'Reveries' LP
    Wymond Miles ‘Under the Pale Moon’ LP
    Mirroring 'Foregin Body' LP
    Jessica Pare ‘Zou Bisou, Bisou’ 7"
    Savages ‘Berlin b/w Husbands’ 7"
    Slant Azymuth 'Helical Scans' CS
    Slant Azymuth 'Slant Azymuth' LP
    Spiritualized 'Sweet Heart Sweet Light' LP
    Suum Cuique 'Ascetic Ideals' LP
    Total Control 'Henge Beat' LP
    Tronics ‘Love Backed By Force’ LP
    Tropic of Cancer ‘End of All Things’ CD
    Tropic of Cancer ‘Permissions of Love’ 12" EP
    Twilight Sad 'No One Can Ever Know' LP
    2:54 ‘2:54’ LP
    Various Artists ‘Des Jeunes Gens Mödernes’ LP
    Various Artists ‘Spirit Haunted Water (Mixtape by Liz Harris)’ CS
    Various Artists ‘Strange Passion’ LP
    Vatican Shadow ‘Iraqi Praetorian Guard’ 12"
    Vatican Shadow ‘Kneel Before Religious Icons’ LP
    Vatican Shadow ‘September Cell’ 12"
    Vestals ‘Forever Falling Toward The Sky’ LP
    The Vivids 'Mt Radiant / Hangman' 7"
    The Vivids ‘Lightless Babylon’ 12" EP
    Young Prisms 'In Between' LP
    Zelienople ‘The World Is A House On Fire’ LP
    John Zorn 'Nosferatu' LP
  • My Favorite Releases of 2011

    30 mars 2011, 22h25m

    Atlas Sound “Parallax” LP
    Belong “Common Era” LP
    Bleached ”Think of You” 7"
    Bleached "Searching Through The Past" 7"
    Blouse “Into Black” 7"
    Blouse "s/t" LP
    Brain Idea "Cosmos Factory" LP
    Cats Eyes “Cats Eyes” LP
    Catwalk “One By Words” 7"
    Chapel Club “Palace” LP
    Colours “s/t” EP
    Comet Gain "Howl of the Lonely Crowd" LP
    Craft Spells “Idle Labor” LP
    Crystal Stilts “In Love With Oblivion” LP
    Crystal Stilts “Radiant Door” EP
    Cut Copy "Zonoscope" LP
    David Lynch "Crazy Clown Time" LP
    Die Jungen “$” EP
    Dirty Beaches “Badlands” LP
    Dirty Beaches "Lone Runner" 7"
    Dirty Beaches / Ela Orleans split LP
    The Drums “Portamento” LP
    Dum Dum Girls “He Gets Me High” EP
    Dum Dum Girls “Only in Dreams” LP
    DVA Damas / Le Face split 7"
    Elite Gymnastics “Ruin” LP
    Girls Names “Dead to Me” LP
    Grouper “Alien Observer” LP
    Grouper “Dream Loss” LP
    Grouper “Water People” 7"
    Tim Hecker ”Ravedeath, 1972”
    The Horrors ”Skying” LP
    HTRK “Work (Work, Work)” LP
    I Break Horses “Hearts” LP
    Iceage “New Brigade” LP
    King Blood "Eyewash Silver" LP
    Leyland Kirby “Eager To Tear Apart The Stars” LP
    The KVB “Into The Night” 10"
    The KVB ”Subjection/Subordination” CS
    Les Demoniaques “Teenage Lust” 7"
    Minks “By The Hedge” LP
    Minks "Araby" EP
    Mood Rings “Sweater Weather Forever” EP
    John Maus "We Must Become the Pitiless Censors of Ourselves" LP
    Oneohtrix Point Never “Replica” LP
    Pains of Being Pure at Heart “Belong” LP
    Papercuts “Fading Parade” LP
    Petra Schelm/Warm Hands split CS
    Phantom Payn Days “Phantom Payn Daze” LP
    Pink Playground “Sunny Skies” 7"
    Pink Playground “Come Find Me/Ten” 10"
    Pink Playground “Destination Ecstasy” LP
    Psychic Ills "Hazed Dream" EP
    Puro Instinct ”Headbangers in Ectsasy” LP
    The Raveonettes “Raven in the Grave” LP
    Real Estate “Days” LP
    Ringo Deathstarr “Color Trip” LP
    Rites Wild ”s/t” EP
    Sandwell District "Feed Forward" LP
    S.C.U.M. “Again Into Eyes” LP
    Selebrities “Delusions” LP
    Sleep Over "Forever" LP
    Slug Guts “Howlin’ Gang” LP
    The Soft Moon "Total Decay" EP
    Still Corners “Creatures of an Hour” LP
    Tomorrows Tulips “Eternally Teenage” LP
    Tropic of Cancer “Be Brave” Single
    Tropic of Cancer “Sorrow of Two Blooms” EP
    Tropic of Cancer “The End of All Things” EP
    TV Ghost "Mass Dream" LP
    Veronica Falls “s/t” LP
    Visitor “s/t” EP
    Vum "Nightsun" LP
    The War On Drugs "Slave Ambient" LP
    Weyes Blood & The Dark Juices “The Outside Room” LP
    Widowspeak "s/t" LP
    Chelsea Wolfe “Apokalypsis“ LP
    Young Prisms "Friends for Now" LP
    Zodiacs “Faraway Friend” 7"
  • My Favorite Releases of 2010

    4 nov. 2010, 20h50m

    The list so far, in alphabetical order...

    Abe Vigoda "Crush" LP
    Akira Kosemura "Polaroid Piano" LP
    Arcade Fire "The Suburbs" LP
    The Art Museums "Rough Frame" LP
    Autolux "Transit Transit" LP
    Beach Fossils "Beach Fossils" LP
    Beach House "Teen Dream" LP
    Best Coast "Crazy For You" LP
    The Black Ryder "Buy The Ticket, Take The Ride" LP
    Candy Claws "Hidden Lands" LP
    Canvas Kites "Wayside" Digital
    Chapel Club "The Shore" EP
    Crocodiles "Sleep Forever" LP (My Current "Album of The Year")
    Crystal Castles "Crystal Castles" LP
    Crystal Stilts "Shake The Shackles" 7"
    Dangerous Boys Club "DBC" LP
    The Dead Weather "Sea of Cowards" LP
    Death In Plains "Mustard Polo" EP
    Deep Sht "Weird You" EP
    Deerhunter "Halycon Digest" LP
    Dirty Beaches "True Blue" 7"
    The Drums "The Drums" LP
    Dum Dum Girls "I Will Be" LP
    Dva Damas "Brand New Head" EP
    Emily Reo "Witch Mtn" EP
    Foxes In Fiction "Swung From The Branches" LP
    Frankie Rose & The Outs "Franke Rosie & The Outs" LP
    Grouper "Hold/Sick" 7" (My Current "Single of The Year")
    Heavy Hawaii “HH” EP
    Jonsi "Go" LP'
    Magnetic Fields "Realism" LP
    Male Bonding "Nothing Hurts" LP
    Minks "Funeral" 7"
    Monster Rally "Monster Rally" EP
    Morning Benders "Big Echo" LP
    The National "High Violet" LP
    No Age "Everything in Between" LP
    No Joy “Ghost Blonde” LP
    Porcelain Raft "Tip of Your Tongue" 7"
    Procedure Club "Doomed Forever" LP
    Reading Rainbow “Prism Eyes” LP
    Red Drapes "1" EP (My Current "EP of The Year")
    School of Seven Bells "Disconnect from Desire" LP
    Shout Out Louds "Work" LP
    Sleep ∞ Over "Outer Limits" 7" & CS
    The Soft Moon "Breathe the Fire" 7"
    The Soft Pack "The Soft Pack" LP
    Spoon "Transference" LP
    Summer Camp "Young" EP
    Surfer Blood "Astro Coast" LP
    Tamaryn "The Waves" LP
    Twin Shadow "Forget" LP
    Unkle "Where Did The Night Fall"
    Von Haze "Von Haze" EP
    The Walkmen "Libson" LP
    Wavves "King of The Beach" LP
    Wild Nothing "Gemini" LP & "Golden Haze" EP
    White Ring/oOoOO "Emotions" 7"
    Wolf Parade "Expo 86" LP
    Zola Jesus "Stridulum" EP