• The Dayton, Ohio Scene

    26 mai 2006, 19h15m

    I've lived in Dayton for the past 19 years, my entire life in fact, and the music around here continues to get better and better.

    My favorite local band was High Plains Drifter. They really didn't get that much exposure but they put on one hell of a good live show. They broke up recently, and performed one final show last Wednesday. It was phenomenal.

    Also, you have Captain of Industry. They are an indie-pop band with a keyboardist, guitars, and some drums and bass and a really great singer. Check out their myspace for the latest material at

    There are many more bands around here that are really good, but the last I want to mention in this space is the Sailing. They utilize the use of synthesisers, guitars, bass, and drums to create a sound that is unlike other than I have ever heard. I had the pleasure of seeing their show in the finals of the Dayton Band Playoffs. They ended up getting second place to some horrible bluegrass band, but everyone that saw that show knows who the real winners were.

    Other bands worth a mention are the Electric Dots, The Professors, and actually a few really good rappers, includidng Thrill Nova. Check it out. The only glaringlty atrocious band from here is Hawthorne Heights. Fuck those dides.

    And happy listening, all.