stupid dream


9 avr. 2008, 0h02m

so I had dream that somebody tired to kill me, but obviously didn't succeed because I'm invincible. But then I was trying to be all chill about it, but it was like people would come up to me and be like OMFG!!! and stuff and I had PTSD and I'd like go into flashbacks. Why would people do that? I mean I almost died for christ's sake, fuck off. Why can't I have sex dreams like normal people?

The Mix Up


  • ambivaletron

    Damn, I'm abnormal...I never have sex dreams. I had a dream once that after I performed somewhere with a really hot red dress and a trenchcoat [I dunno] someone followed me and shot me on a dark, New York street. And apparently, it's really strange that I dream in first person, like um it's always in my perspective. You know what I mean? Anyway, try not to get killed in your dreams because it's still kind of painful to die or fall even though it's illusive. Waiting For A Dream

    9 avr. 2008, 4h23m
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