The 10 most bestest albums of 2006


15 jan. 2007, 22h00m

Once again, a very subjective list. I wouldn't deign to tell a music community what's good or not! But since you're reading this, here are the albums I liked the most.

1. Black Holes & Revelations
2. Separate Ways
3. Game Theory
4. The Eraser
5. Stadium Arcadium
6. Loose
7. St. Elsewhere
8. Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not
9. Time Without Consequence
10. Revelations

There was a lot I liked... it was a pretty good year. Nods to Ed Harcourt, Zero 7, The VJC, Outkast, The Raconteurs, Cat Power, and The Killers.

Notes on the list:
That Muse album is just amazing. It's totally derivative (Beach Boys, Metallica, Pixies, looong list), but it's so well put together, and the production is pretty amazing. By far their best, I think. I don't like Thom Yorke's album as much as Radiohead's stuff, but it's still quite good. As for The Roots, just business as usual... another tight, bad-ass record, that I like a lot more than The Tipping Point. Enough has been said about Red Hot Chili Peppers' latest, and same for Arctic Monkeys. I thought Nelly Furtado's latest wasn't as good as her last, but it has three or four really great tracks. The hip-hop stuff I can take or leave. Finally, both Teddy Thompson and Alexi Murdoch FINALLY got their albums out -- PHEW! Both great records, especially Teddy's, which is a real triumph. Took years for both to come out, great to have them at last!


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