Weekly Charts & Changes In Listening Habits


30 août 2005, 13h19m

Last week, I got around to really listen to Sequencer:Beta for the first time. It just seems to be a flawless album. I was familiar with most of the tracks before, but also the ones I hadn't heard before - mainly Slowmotion and Luminal. It was still a surprise to me find that they were #1 last week.

About the same thing has happened with Ocean Rain. The only reason I bought the album in the first place was The Killing Moon (#13 in overall tracks chart) but I've grown up to like many other tracks on the album as well, especially the three first songs and the album closing title track.

Other artists in the top charts are pretty much the same as on previous weeks, Cocteau Twins should reach the overall Top 50 by the next update. The weekly tracks #1 is About Her (it also climbed to overall tracks Top 50 this week) because I bought Kill Bill vols. 1&2 on DVD. I watched them in a row and of course the song got stuck in my head and found it's way to repeat.


Now a bit about a completely different matter: I have moved back to the town where I study and back to my own room in the University dormitory (I hope I use this word correctly). This means two things for my listening statistics:

1. I don't have an Internet connection for about two weeks. So no changes in my statistics during that time. I've been away from the net for about two days now and the cache is about 80 songs large.

2. I have my stereos here. During the summer, I listened to all music with a computer - CD's, MP3's, everything, because I didn't have anything else to play music with. I also have all my music here, during the summer I had only a small part of it.

Now I'll be mostly listening to entire CD's with my stereos and more random mp3's with the computer. The way I usually listen to music on my computer, is all my files in a playlist with the shuffle on. This will result in smaller changes in the charts because the heavy rotation of one single album by a single artist (Combichrist was a good example of this during the last couple of weeks) won't affect Audioscrobbler anymore.

The summer was dominated by a few artists getting a lot of plays, but from now on, more artists getting fewer plays is the way it's probably going to be again. Just like it was before the summer. I do still hope that this won't make my statistics more boring. Of course it's going to mean that the statistics are going to be a lot less comprehensive now that all the music I listen to isn't getting recorded here. But then again, it can never be completely comprehensive since Audioscobbler doesn't work with vinyl records or a car stereo. ;)


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