Skillet - Comatose


11 oct. 2006, 0h55m

Skillet is one of those classic bands for me personally. I remember when I was 12. I had this super small stack of about 15 CD's. One of them was this brand new bands self-titled CD - "Skillet". I listened to that record over and over. I still to this day listen to it. I love it's rawness.

Then came "Hey You, I Love Your Soul". I remember going into the store to buy it the day it came out. At first, I was a bit disappointed with the electronic change. But as time went on, it grew to be my favorite Skillet record. I got to see them live on their last tour in support of this record. So good live, they were.

After that, my relationship with Skillet became rocky. I bought "Invincible" and I pretty much hated it. "Alien Youth" showed promise with the single, but after hearing the whole thing I declined to even buy it. "Collide" brought back some hope, but again I didn't buy. It just wasn't comparable to those first 2 records. A day before my 22 birthday on Oct 4 '06, the new Skillet record was due out.

For some reason I felt compelled to buy this record, so I did. I had only heard Rebirthing & Whispers in the Dark and they impressed me. While it's apparent that they are very radio friendly, I still really liked them. Now the review.

Rebirthing - I love this song 10/10
The Last Night - I love this song (Korey adds a lot) 10/10
Yours to Hold - I love this song (catching a theme?) 10/10
Better Than Drugs- OK, maybe not. Don't love this one, but it's solid. The Chevelle-esque riff is solid. 8/10
Comatose- Killer title track, chorus is awesome. The synths add a lot to this entire record 10/10
The Older I Get- Cooper has always written very good slow songs. This is a great example. The lyrics standout. 10/10
Those Nights- Catchiest song of the album award. In a close race with The Last Night as my fave song right now. 10/10
Falling in the Black- The music in this song is tight, then there's the chorus, 10/10
Say Goodbye- another slower song, really solid chorus. The key change is an always welcome addition to any song 9/10.
Whispers in the Dark reminds me of Evanescence, a band I dislike. Cooper and Co. though... 10/10
Looking for Angels Cooper trying something new, Cooper succeeding 10/10

overall rating - 9.7/10 - unbelievably high rating for me.

While it is a very radio friendly Skillet, I love it. Possibly their best yet. Only time will tell. Though I must say, I've probably bought 50 records since Wolfmother yet this is the only one I have felt compelled to write up a review on. That's saying a lot, though I need to write a few more.


Recommended songs :
The Last Night
The Older I Get
Those Nights
Looking for Angels


  • b-rok

    I will counter-act with my review on this record as soon as I get it. Looking forward to listening now though..

    11 oct. 2006, 18h57m
  • insanerp

    dude, only 8/10 for better than drugs? in my opinion that's the best track on the whole thing!

    25 oct. 2006, 3h41m
  • Nordburgh

    I agree, Better than Drugs is one of the better tracks on the album, although my fav is Rebirthing.

    18 jan. 2007, 4h20m
  • ryan2319

    Oddly enough, I'm much keener on Collide than I am Alien Youth. but it's skillet, I find that's it's all good. The Last Night and Looking for Angels stand out for me.

    17 mars 2007, 3h07m
  • mackil

    I agree, Collide was much better.

    19 mars 2007, 21h58m
  • heyjohnnyfive

    indeed, Collide was much better than Alien Youth. Just don't think either compare to their first 2.

    28 mars 2007, 5h49m
  • genericmadness

    another one for 'collide was better'

    22 jui. 2007, 13h07m
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