• The resemblance between “Anvil! The Story Of Anvil” and “This is Spinal Tap”

    17 avr. 2010, 11h54m

    Yes, I know. The Resemblance is made many times between the documentary of Anvil (2008), and the mockumentary of Spinal Tap (1984).

    I just want to get these similarities in a list. For the ones who have seen the two movies, it is interesting, and people who have seen only one of these two, it will certainly make them interested in the one they haven’t seen.

    For the ones who haven't heard about a mockumentary:

    Because of these resemblances between the two, I don’t really believe that Anvil is real: some parts of the movie must be acted to make the connection between the two.

    First of all, short introduction to the two movies.

    This is Spinal Tap

    This Is Spinal Tap (officially spelled This Is Spın̈al Tap, with a non-functional umlaut over the letter n — n-diaeresis — and a dotless letter i) is a 1984 mock musical documentary directed by Rob Reiner about the fictional heavy metal band Spinal Tap. The film satirizes the wild personal behavior and musical pretensions of hard-rock and heavy-metal musical bands, as well as the hagiographic tendencies of rock documentaries of the time.
    More about this movie:

    Anvil! The Story Of Anvil

    Anvil! The Story of Anvil is a 2008 documentary film about the Canadian heavy metal band, Anvil. The film is directed by screenwriter Sacha Gervasi, whose previous credits include The Big Tease (co-written with Craig Ferguson) and The Terminal.
    More about this documentary:!_The_Story_of_Anvil

    Second: Respect to Anvil

    When Spinal Tap philosophizes, discusses about music, instruments, it is meant to be funny; they are really “dumb”. When Anvil talks, it is not funny; it is real. When they are funny, it is because they do something funny, not because they are dumb. So that is the big difference. The guys just have bad luck: so don’t think that the anvil guys are as dumb as the not-existing guys from Spinal Tap.

    Also the manager of Anvil, booked afterwards a part of the tour of "The Scorpions".

    The resemblances: SPOILER ALERT.

    1. First of all they both started as a band, different from Heavy Metal. Anvil started in the seventies, Spinal Tap in the sixties. Anvil started as “lips”, that was later the nickname of the singer. Spinal Tap started as something else: “the originals” (not going to spoil all their names, because it is a good joke in the movie)

    Most bands begin with another name. But they both started from a softer genre before going into Heavy metal.

    2. The lyrics. Both bands have funny ambiguous lyrics.

    Spinal Tap had problems with the album cover because it was sexistic. Anvil had also a problem for being sexistic: but it were the lyrics.

    Note: One of the most funny things about the album cover in Spinal Tap is that they changed it into a fully black cover and how they afterwards explain the meaning of it. The philosophy behind it. Reminded me of a documentary I saw about "The Black Album" of Metallica when they are discussing the also black album cover of “The Black Album”. (The black album came out 6 years later, so it was not to laugh at metallica)

    3. In both movies the two leaders of the bands go to a fast-food restaurant. Talking about how they began. And in both movies they begin humming and singing an old song they made back in the beginning of their career. In Anvil it is just a couple of seconds, while in Spinal Tap it is a long scene. But for the rest this scene is perfectly identical.

    4. While Anvil, from America, do their first big tour to Europe in years. Spinal Tap, from the UK, can do their first big tour in years in America. Both tours have big problems.

    5. They both get a new manager that is female. And they both make mistakes.

    6. Spinal Tap: in the hotel they see another famous musician who has success. They talk to him, thinking that he still knows them. But he is “so famous” he hardly recognized him. In Anvil, Lipps’ is backstage talking to many famous guys. Some of the guys recognize Lips (like twisted sister’s J.J. French). But still there is a resemblance: especially with Carmine Apice. Who does not really react to Lips’s story. He's not interested in his story, and doesn't recognize Lipp's.

    6. They both take the train for touring when they have the female manager. (Little thing)

    7. Anvil had nobody at a concert, because there was no good promotion for it. In Spinal Tap there was nobody at a signing session because of the promotion.

    8. Spinal Tap talks in the beginning constantly about “the new album”, and they have problems getting the album out. Anvil also talks constantly about “the new album”, and they also have problems getting the album out.

    Reminded me also of Metallica's "Some Kind Of Monster" documentary. When they are constantly talking about how good the new album is, how it will change their career.

    9. In both bands one of the band members goes away and comes back.

    10. Spinal Tap wants to make a Stonehenge decor for their new tour, they have a song about Stonehenge. So they are little bit obsessed with Stone Henge. When Anvil is touring the UK they want to visit Stonehenge, and they are also obsessed with Stone Henge.

    11. Both films end in Japan (not going to spoil this one). Just the ending is identical.

    There are maybe more. But these are the ones I first found.

    Also found an interview with anvil talking about Spinal Tap:
  • Graspop 2009 Planning

    27 avr. 2009, 9h31m

    graspop 2009 planning


    Buckcherry vs. Lauren Harris

    Lauren Harris, because she is Steve Harris' daughter =|

    Firewind vs. Laäz Rockit

    I'm going for Laäz Rockit, I know more of them than I know of firewind.

    DragonForce vs. Taake

    Dragonforce = Headache metal xD. And Taake has good music, the only negative thing about them is that they are "true" xD.

    Joan olivias pain vs. Pestilence

    Don't know probably JOP.

    Papa Roach vs. Samael

    samael. xD

    W.A.S.P vs. Exodus.

    W.A.S.P. is way cooler than exodus. But it is a very difficult decision, why do they let these two play at the same time ='(

    Soulfly vs. The Gathering

    My friends want to see Soulfly... =/

    Blind Guardian vs. Static X

    Difficult decision, people are going to kill me... I choose for static-x.
    EDIT: I think I'm going to watch them both. Halfway static-x i'm going to watch Blind Guardian.

    Heaven & Hell
    vs. Eating

    Heaven & Hell =D.

    Dream Theater vs. Down

    Dream Theater. Easy.

    Motley Crue vs. Sleeping

    Motley Crue !!! ^^ Hope they are still good... I think this will be a big disappointment.


    Black Stone Cherry vs. Manic Movement vs. Delhaize


    Keep of Kalessin vs. All Shall Perish

    Keep Of Kalessin, seen enough deathcore this year.

    Mastodon vs. Negura Bunget

    negura bunget, still sad that it is not the real negura bunget anymore.

    Kataklysm vs. No Use for a Name

    Kataklysm! Why not :p

    Hatebreed vs. Five Finger Death Pun

    Hatebreed... For the crazy crowd at their shows

    Legion of the Damned vs. Parkway Drive

    Seen legion of the damned before, so i'm going to watch parkway drive, they have some good beat downs.

    Killswitch Engage vs. Dagoba

    Killswitch engage... I only hope they play some stuff from their first album and their demo... hehe. And I've seen Dagoba already before.

    Gojira vs. Duff Mc kagans loade

    maybe gojira, they have a good sound.

    Journey vs. Wolves in the Throne Room

    Don't know. Maybe wolves in the throne room because that is in the metaldome.

    Death Angel vs. Monster Magnet.

    Death angel, wanted also to see monster magnet =(. But, death angel is better.


    I think that friends want to see them... So I have no choice. =P. Also the second time I'm going to see them.

    Lacuna Coil vs. Volbeat

    Missed volbeat in 2007, they cancelled in 2008 >=( Derde keer goede keer.

    Slipknot vs. Sleeping

    Going to watch slipknot just to have seen them. I want to see some hyperactive "adults" on a stage xD.


    UFO vs The Reckoning

    ufo, hehe.

    Warbringer vs. Flyleaf

    Warbringer!!! =D I don't think flyleaf will have an audience...

    Lamb of God vs. August Burns Red

    Lamb of god for the second time =D. They are good.

    Scar Symmetry vs. God Forbid

    I don't know why, but I will choose for scar symmetry =D.

    Trivium vs. Eths

    Eths, female fronted hardcore? If it is that band... going to check them out.

    Candlemass vs. Suicidal Tendencies

    suicidal tendencies!!! Candlemass, bleh doom metal.

    Chickenfoot vs. All That Remains

    Chickenfoot!! joe satriani and chad smith and ex-van halen members... WOOHOO!

    Sacred Reich vs. DevilDriver

    Sacred Reich... when will the people be bored of devildriver.

    Disturbed vs. Karma to Burn

    Karma to burn probably, if they are bad... metalmarket.

    Epica vs. Anthrax

    hehe, anthrax. Epica is just trying to be "intelligent" metal. And Anthrax is much more fun.


    ... No choice...

    Children of Bodom vs. Sick of It All

    Sick of it all!! hardcore!!! =D I'm happy, in 2008 we had madball, now sick of it all.. And COB is boring as hell live.

    Marilyn Manson =D

    Maybe... probably not.
  • Bought Lp's, Cd's, DVD's.s

    18 déc. 2008, 9h40m

    *deleted the list, because... my collection has changed a lot*
  • Graspop 2008 Planning

    21 juin 2008, 16h55m

    Graspop planning


    14. 50 - 15.30: Behemoth

    Just going to watch them, because they are at that time the most interresting band. Not that they are bad, but they are not that good.

    16. 30 - 17.10: Deathstars or Moonspel

    Just going to watch them because they look stupid. Just watching them for 10 min and then I go watching moonspel.

    17.15 - 18.10 Saxon

    People who are not going to watch them are stupid. One of the best heavy metal bands in the world.

    18.15 - 19.05 Obituary

    Everybody who loves metal must see this band.

    20.15 - 21.15 Testament

    Thrash is my favorite genre. But if they suck I go watch Nile.

    22.40 - 23.15 Ministry or Morbid Angel

    I haven't decided yet.

    0.00 - 1.30 Judas Priest

    Who is on the camping when priest is playing must be killed :P


    12.00-12.40 Sabaton

    Last year they where suprisingly good.

    12.40-13.20 Novembers Doom Or Throwdown

    Doom metal or metalcore? I will see at the moment if i'm in some depressive/lazy mood or happy/energy mood.

    14.25-15.10 Bleeding Through

    Only good band at that moment.

    15.15 - 16.05 Forbidden

    Ok, Maybe going to watch them too. But Alestorm is in the metaldome, and i prefer the metaldome stage over the mainstage.

    15.40-16.20 Alestorm

    It will be to funny. Pirate metal xD.

    16.10-16.50 Dying Fetus Or Agent Steel

    I think it will be agent steel.

    18.55-20.00 Iced Earth

    Also everybody will/must watch this band.

    20.05-21.05 Bring The Horizon

    Only good artist at that moment.

    22.23-23.35 Helmet

    I don't know what they are doing at graspop, but I'm going to watch them.

    23.30-1.00 Kiss

    ROFLOLMAO? lmkqsjklmdjsqljdqlsjsqljlmsqjd...


    15.10-15.55 Soilworkor Comeback Kid

    Going to watch them both. Each 25 minutes.

    16.55-17.45 Converge

    Good training for Ieperfest

    18.45-19.35 Madball

    New York Hardcore! Still don't know what al those hardcore bands doing at graspop. But I love hardcore :p. Still it is sad that I must mis at the gates for them.

    20.55-21.55 Arch Enemy

    ...Because it is a woman.

    22.00-0.00 Iron Maiden

    I hope that they will be playing better than last year.