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22 juin 2008, 22h40m

[original: Exploring Kazakhstan... 3 Feb 2008, 15:23]
I've decided to put here my last journal, which was deleted with my last account..

Exploring fields of steppe Kazakhstan, I've came to the idea that harder sounds in there should be on the same level as the water level in the morning of an average dormatory (= fuc*ing zero lvl). However not everything at Kazakh's side is dry and drained, therefore I was able to find some kind of music groups different from cheap, omnipresent in Kazakhstan pop-genres. What's more - and shouldn't surprise anybody - lyrics of every band (mentioned below) are in Russian ... Well then, let's cut to the case...

- Ulytau (or just ҰлыТау - kazkh = great mountain) - uncommon blend of folk/ethnic and rock music in Kazakhstan, maybe domestic artists have some kind of aversion for "diabolical instruments". Hither band manifests itself as a 2+1 product - electric guitar (in the hands of quite talented player, just take a look on his tapping smile.gif, dombra and violin (yeah, to my astonishment not kobyz) in the tentacles of local female. During performances drums are played from a playback.
Nurgaisha Sadvakasova - violin
Maxim Kichigin - guitar
Erzhan Alimbetov - dombra
- 2006 - Jumyr-Kylysh
- http://youtube.com/watch?v=ZGK1gwCa1yk
- http://youtube.com/watch?v=R4_4bSeMY9Y
- yeah, search youtube it's FULL of it

- XNo (Explicit Noise) - alternative/nu-metal group, I'm not able to write more due to lack of music resources on the internet (see audio), in fact more likely you'd find them performancing in Kazakhstan, than some music stuff in the web. Probably some time ago they had a problem with finding a vocalist, which was resolved and nowadays they're working on a material for a new release.
Toyfill - solo-guitar
Heffer - rythm-guitar
Haldir - bass-guitar
Spunky - drums
Insane_Ruby - vocal
- http://youtube.com/watch?v=qRpqbFqAw8Q
- http://youtube.com/watch?v=pgHZsePmt0Y
- http://youtube.com/watch?v=4Fx0td46jac
- check their last.fm profile

- Аномалия(Anomaly) - pop/rock/alternative; playing in the spirit of the New Age (influented by Radiohead, Oasis, Cranberries etc.) Imo most similar to the latter.
Юлия Сёмина (Julia Syomina) - the leader of a group (acoustic guitar, vocals)
ЕВГЕНИЙ ФЕДОРЕНКО (Evgenij Fedorenko) - guitar
РОМАН МЕШКОВ (Roman Meshkov) - bass-guitar
ДЕНИС КШНЯСЕВ (Denis Kshnacev) - drums
- 2005 - Радости крики (Pleasure's shouts)
- full album on

- Усыпальница Духа (Usypalnica Duha) - could be defined as ethereal, calm and sort of atmospheric (in fact rather depressive, doom-like) with high female vocals and gothic influences. I caught one release - Посмертный грех (posthumous sin?) - and it's dominated by ballade-like songs with accompaniment of flutes, violoncello, piano (keyboards?) and of course calm guitar playing (beside a few tracks). Some claims that this album was a solo project.
- 2002 - Посмертный грех
- don't know about any others ...
- 6, don't have any other info.

If you have any info, news or .. whatever, about above mentioned (or any other kazakh) groups, just let me know , I'll check it.

To Heffer from xnoband.com - "wiosło" is a polish slang word, which means guitar. Regards.


  • xyah24

    Very interesting article! Greetings from Chile!

    15 nov. 2009, 6h32m
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