Rosie Thomas - These Friends of Mine


26 mars 2007, 17h08m

When I buy a CD that isn't a live album of some sort, I expect the songs on there to begin when the track does and finish when the track does. I have, however, no problems accepting a little dialogue from the movie on a soundtrack as long as it's tastefully done. What I do not want is tracks with random chatting before and/or after the songs as that disrupts the "flow". And that is the no.1 reason why I don't really like Rosie Thomas' new album, These Friends of Mine. I got it at full price as soon as it was released on CD. I was a good girl and didn't download even one single song from this album, even though it's been available in a digital format since December. And this is how I'm rewarded - with an album that had I not payed for it I would've assumed was a pre-recording of some sort. Needless to say I'm quite disappointed.

As for the actual music, there was no instant love for any song (as has been the case with her previous albums) but it's pretty nice. After all it's Rosie Thomas, how could it not be at least nice? But here's another disappointing thing: even after listening to each song 6-7 times they're still just nice. And while I love the sound of acoustic guitars, I prefer Rosie with a piano. But only two songs (Kite Song and All the Way to New York City) offered enough of that. I assume it's because she worked with Surfjan Stevens and Denison Witmer on the album and can only hope for piano versions if I catch her live in May, despite Denison tagging along.

What do I like about this album then? Well, I do like the music, just not as much as I had expected to. What I like the most, however, is the booklet. The illustrations are sweet and instead of lyrics, there's hand written notes from Rosie on every song. Personal, and just the thing that might help me like these songs more.


What a coincidence! Less than an hour after I made this post, a review of the same album over at Lunapark6 shows up in my feed reader. The reviewer's opinion is the opposite of mine, but apparently the reviewer did not like her previous albums. Perhaps this is one of those albums were old fans disappear while new fans show up?


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