Getting particular tracks to play


14 mai 2012, 10h35m

14 May 2012, 10:30

Hi -I'm not posting this on the forum because I'm not sure if CBS might see it as something they'd want to stop...

It is possible to make mini tag radios.
It takes two or three weeks for them to become active.

lastfm has licensing restrictions that insist listeners can not stream more than a couple of tracks from one particular artist in the space of a couple of hours.

If I've got a track from an artist I want to hear I make a tag radio of about 20 tracks(from 20 different artists). That is about 60minutes worth and all the tracks tend to play; then the radio stops before it starts repeating tracks.
btw, here is one I did but then removed some tracks because it started repeating before I'd heard the track I particularly wanted.

They need to be 'streamable' from lastfm( That is, with the 'play icon' )

So for a dozen tracks I'd make a dozen tag radios.
If I was promoting a band I'd use tracks from other artists which potential listeners would enjoy.
I might call the tags 'Carlos Wilde r01' (02/03etc)

Then you need someone else to tag just 2 or 3 tracks from each tag with the same tag.*
Every 2 or 3 weeks, usually on a Sunday night, the lastfm computers seem to update the tag records & the tag radios fitting the criteria become 'globalised' -i.e. playable.
It says somewhere that the radio needs 40 or 60 tracks but with that many the radio will play continuously & possibly not play the critical tracks.

*if you decide to do this... either create another dummy account or ask a friend or drop me a line.
Or see the group , though it doesn't look very active recently, maybe most people just do it themselves these days.


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