from THORNY BLEEDER: People Don't Wait In A Digital Queue


2 déc. 2011, 18h58m

Pre-Releases. Advance listening. Singles going to radio a month before they're available. Video premieres before the music can be purchased.

Why do labels and bands still do this? Is it out of old habit? Or lack of marketing creativity?

Seriously though, who are we kidding?

People don't wait in a queue on release day any more. And more importantly, digital lineups don't exist.

You have to make your music available for purchase at the exact same time as when the public first hears it. Otherwise, you're going to miss out on a potential sale.

And for bigger and more well known acts, your purchasing options need to be made available the moment the product leaves the factory. Seriously (because we all know that's when leaks happen).

So just accept it, expect it and plan for it.

Don't expect your fans to come back a month later to buy the same song they wanted when they first heard it. They've already moved on to the next thing. And they've already downloaded your song elsewhere since you didn't give them any other option.

Beat the leakers to the punch. Enable your fans to click on a buy button the moment they hear the track.

There's no loyalty any more. This is Generation Now. A fan just wants the damn track.
So give it to them. And don't lose a sale.

Oh, and by the way… 30 second preview "teasers" do nothing but piss off a potential fan. Let me hear that whole damn track. Let me fall in love with it. And if I truly connect with it, perhaps I'll want to own it. But... how can I emotionally connect with a 30 second sample?
Remember, music isn't a product. It's an emotion.
Don't expect a music fan to hit pause on their passion.

Brian Thompson


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