The Hypelist [ September 6th - September 13th ]


6 sept. 2008, 11h13m

The weekly High Rotation playlist, consisting of 5 tunes that will be played frequently over the next 7 days:

  1. Ingrid Michaelson - Be OK
    A foretaste of her new album that will be released this month. I'm very curious about it!
  2. Ben Harper - Steal My Kisses
    Balancing the new discoveries and the old, well known gems: Ben Harper is a good choice at every time.
  3. Peter Bradley Adams feat. Susie Suh - One Foot Down
    I discovered Peter Bradley Adams, the male half of Eastmountainsouth because of his collaboration with Susie Suh. His album Gather Up carries some more inspiring duets.
  4. Marit Larsen - If A Song Could Get Me You
    An amazing recommendation of letmelikeit. Her new album will be out next month.
  5. Scott Henderson - Tore Down House
    A masterpiece! The fantastic guitar play of Scott Henderson combined with the soulful voice of Thelma Houston
Bonus Track:
  1. Mono - Life In Mono
    One more genre: This song is one of my all time favorites, Siobhan de Maré's voice is sooo beautiful.

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The Hypelist


  • oslofish

    You know how to pick'em! I'm really referring to good guitar songs ala Cortez the Killer. Just had a listen to Tore Down House (you had me sold at Thelma Houston), and that is one nice piece of work. Sometimes there's really nothing quite like a good blues song. ....we've got something (or someone rather) in common this week :D

    6 sept. 2008, 13h32m
  • Knirrie

    Thid might just be your best hypelist ever :) I love every single song on it!

    6 sept. 2008, 18h22m
  • hdsander

    Thanks for the kudos! The best lists result from grabbing for old treasures, mixed with some glittering new stuff. :D

    6 sept. 2008, 18h39m
  • diamondgrrl

    Whoa! Peter Bradley Adams has a duet with Susie Suh?

    24 sept. 2008, 0h41m
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