Just a quote from http://www.19.5degs.com but i agree 100%


22 mars 2006, 1h25m

Ooh Papi of Playahata says...
The key to knowing if an album is dope: It has over 14 tracks and you do not skip any of them after listening to it over 5 times. This album has 16 tracks and I didn't skip any, what a major accomplishment in 2003. Paris has done something huge. I only hope that this classic won't be treated like a classic GO-GO Music album and ignored. Those of us in the D.C. area feel me on the Go-Go Music treatment.
If you want to know where all the great West Coast artist have gone, look no further. I don't know if Paris is actually considered a great west coast artist by the general public but this album is definitely great, it's going to be a collectors item. This is actually the first Paris album I ever brought and I had not really heard anything from him since 1992' when his name was in the media all the time due to the controversy involving his album's artwork and President George Bush Senior. He has had music released between that time and now, so I am feeling like I must have been missing out on something and I might have to go to his website and order those missed albums. The content on this album is amazingly filled with current historical anecdotes, its academic, political and funky. Nothing soft about it in any aspect so I had to make sure that I purchased the clean version with the bleeping of the curse words - I have kids you know. If you believe in conspiracy theories, you realize that after its official September 23rd release Paris' might just disappear. When the rap intellectuals of today start labeling albums as classic and noting them for historical rap relevance I predict Sonic Jihad will be an album they speak about. If they don't mention it they will be regarded as "suspect" in my book. Most of the album has a real serious west coast feeling but its the type of West coast feeling that everybody used to love when Ice Cube made Death Certificate. I was looking for something to hate on with the album but I couldn't find anything in any of the 16 tracks. I had forgotten that an album could be so entertaining and educational at the same time. All the information in his Guerrilla News Network- Aftermath: Unanswered Questions is on this album in rap form and more. The best thing is that this is more than just a political rap album. The quotes and artwork on the CD alone are worth the purchase. Its a good day for rap music. My Favorites are "Evil", "What Would You Do", "AWOL", "Ave Bushani" and "Split Milk".

The Way Rap Should be!
I was first introduced to Paris' music back in the old college days in 1992 when he released " Sleeping With the Enemy" and have been a fan ever since! The thing that I remember most was the powerful video of the song "the days of old". I also remember when Paris did " outta my life" in 94 and the subsequent video that was released. Well all I can say is that rap is so deplorable nowadays as everyone is bling-blinging, drinking 40's, or throwing gang signs that it is great that there are still heroes out there like Paris, Public Enemy, KRS One, that take us back to the days of old when rap was wonderful and had intelligence and meaning unlike today's rap with a c infront of it CRAP! Awesome Album! Thanks Paris!

Paris- The Best Ever!
This man has to be the greatest MC ever. Nobody out there, not jay-z, not Dr dre, not any of these so called bling-bling rappers of today's radio rotation would even think about bringing something for people to THINK about in their music. Paris has the delivery of Rakim, the production of Dr. Dre and the polictical vision beyond anyone since the Last poets. Sonic Jihad is a instant collector's CD with not one bad song. Just like The devil made me do it, this CD hits hard with beats and vocals. do yourself a favor and go buy 2 copies of this CD, one to listen to , and one to give to a friend.

Return of the Black Panther
After the disappointing Unleashed album followed by years of silence, Paris comes back stronger than ever. In a time when rap is only a memory of what it once was or what it could have been, Paris brings the hope back into the scene. Musically strong, lyrically as uncompromised as ever, this is the best rap album in the 21st century yet.

One of the best of 2003
Him and Immortal Technique are wearing the crown for 2003 IMHO! This album is perfect. No wak artist out on the radio would even dare to attempt this form of REAL RAP/HIPHOP (NOT POP!...HOPPOP is not rap...sorry for those who don't know the difference), because they are too scared and lack the skills to do so!! Want to hear some MUSIC? THIS IS IT! Don't resist the urge to buy this CD...it is among the greatest!! Put this and Immortal Technique's Revolutionary V.2 into your cart, and when you listen to these albums, you will be glad you bought them as they will enlighten you or let you know that you are not alone on how you feel about America...enjoy!! These people are supporting what America is really about; voicing your opinion and spreading truth to let our government know what they are doing wrong! America should be run by the people, not the media machine and/or big business!!


  • afzilla

    The album is brilliant

    18 avr. 2006, 17h16m
  • hawkeye71

    Yes! He's a great composer! You should also listen to his other albums! They're worth it!

    20 avr. 2006, 0h33m
  • afzilla

    ive got them all!

    20 avr. 2006, 9h13m
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