• Linking musical genres using

    18 jan. 2010, 23h17m


    Looking and reading the music profiles of other members is fun, influences new musical listening opportunities, and opens the way for experience with new musical styles and influences. The linking of member profiles from track descriptions and musical genres is a great idea and I fully support in this regard. New genres and styles are sometimes hard to break into. Not because one does not enjoy the music once they hear it, but simply because our ears are in a sense trained to enjoy and seek out what we are familiar with. In my experience the idea of a novel listening experience is more rare and unique as one gets older. For example: As a teenager I was open to artists who were in musical genres I was already in tune to; such as Jazz, classical, indi- rock, punk, reggae and hardcore. Though the artists were new the styles and song structures were somewhat familiar. Upon making time for live music and meeting many people from all over North America and Europe influences multiplied. From then on new genres and styles were more easily introduced and accepted because of prior sound experiences involving borrowed samples, sounds and structures. As I’ve grown older I have noticed myself becoming stubborn in my acceptance of new/ old song styles. For example this is a reason why I tend to like the white stripes but don’t care to listen to them or buy their music. But because I can hear 90’s grunge in their song structure and timbre I can generally “like” them. With I have been able to reinforce and increase my knowledge of music I know I love and learn more about genres I do not know much about or do not have much experience listening to.

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