The Butcher > Supercollider


29 avr. 2011, 9h11m

I downloaded the extra tracks The Butcher and Supercollider by Radiohead and was pleasantly surprised, especially by The Butcher which sounds like it would fit perfectly on The Eraser. Supercollider needn't be so long but it's growing on me. Apparently the tracks would not fit on The King of Limbs but do Codex and Feral fit together, for example? The album is very scattered anyway I think and they should have but The Butcher on there to make it just a bit better (and longer!) It would have been the third best track behind Lotus Flower and Codex, which are both brilliant.

I guess as Radiohead are my favourite band I tried so so hard to find something in TKOL but ultimately, the real test has shown that I'm just not listening to it anymore. No matter how hard I and the critics try hard to find something the real fact is, it's just not good enough. Radiohead have said that In Rainbows was an agonizing process that the band never want to repeat but I hope that one day they decide they need to go through that process again. Another album like TKOL and they'll start to alienate another chunk of their fanbase a la Kid A.

The King of Limbs
The Butcher


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