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1 fév. 2012, 4h19m

Woo, another journal entry! And a new tattoo. And then another one!

Recently got two new tattoos. They are both based on a skull-lady design. I'm so happy with the outcome! Pictures attached at the bottom. They'll get coloured in a few weeks.

So, music. I haven't listened much to Björk lately, strange enough. Seems like I'm too concentrated on school to let my mind float around.
A few days ago, I "found" a band I liked: The New Pornographers. Or I didn't really find them, I just rediscovered them. To be precise their song Crash Years. Continued listening through their album Together, then I heard Valkyrie in the Roller Disco and were simply blown away. Such a beautiful song! The album is overall very good IMHO, but that song just made my day.

Other than that, I've been listening a bit to The Police and Leonard Cohen. Duh, got to have some variation.

I haven't really "trawled" for music in a long time. Should do so soon. Maybe pick up a new genre or something.

Until next time, Get Ink'd! :)


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