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24 juin 2006, 1h45m

I like doing these, and it's relevant.

Put your mp3's on random, and for the next 20 songs, post the name of the song (and artist) and what event or person that song reminds you of.

(I will not stick to 20 and if you've ever read any blog of mine you will know that I won't.)

1) I Love You, You Weirdo
This is the first track I heard by them, after Katie either sent me it or linked me to it, so it reminds me of her. And then. And wanting to hear more by them.

2) Gravity's Rainbow
I'm trying to avoid using the same songs in both, but it's getting a bit tiring skipping songs. This reminds me of Becca and Jess. Whenever I see them together they ALWAYS start singing this. Actually, it specifically reminds me of outside the academy before DARTZ!.

3) Jack Frost
This reminds me of the hug I got off him at Orange Evolution. BEST FUCKING HUG OF MY LIFE. And it reminds me of Jim Noir as well. Obvious reasons.

4) Stutter
"It's too late at night and I'm not walking home on my own. You don't half pick your moments to talk about the things you never want to talk about."
I don't know when that was or who I was pissed off with or why I was pissed off with them, but that line always sticks in my mind.

5) Documents
Studying the lyrics on the way back from the academy, and hearing it for the first time at the Cluny.
"This is the first time we've played this..."
" the north east."

6) Never Lose Your Sense of Wonder
What happened to Yeti? This only reminds me that I wanted it played at my funeral for ages. I still do a bit, but now I want The Only Way by Jim Noir. I honestly don't make a habit of thinking about things like that. Jim Noir, yes, my funeral, no.

7) Valerie
This only reminds me of seeing it on the telly SHITLOADS.

8) Beat Of Blue
Outside Joseph's Well, a man approaches with a blue 'You're Going Home In The Back Of A Police Van!' t-shirt. Bloody fantastic. Oh, and Katie and I were singing aforementioned lyric at police vans at Middlesbrough Music Live.

9) Things

10) Direction
Always, always remind me of seeing them live. And singing along to it very loudly.

11) Edwould
"Of course he would, the slag.

12) Comma Comma Comma Full Stop
The inevitable moment of silence when it finishes and everyone realises that yes, that song was five seconds long. It's quite memorable played acoustically.

13) all you'll ever be is a dancer
Seeing them live. Wu's hug. And when this song was announced- it's the only one I really know- us going 'Wooo!' and the drummer doing the same back.

14) Attack! Attack! Attack!
Seeing them live the first time, I was teaching myself the words as I went along. Not bloody difficult, is it? Second time everyone singing the 'Running through my head'. Just fucking DANCING to it. Reminds me of Becca, Katie, Jess, Kayleigh, Fi, and everyone I've danced to it with.

15) You Were Always the One
I'm not going to say who this reminds me of and why. Nah. Instead I'll just mention Bradford and during that line everyone pointing at Ryan. Don't worry, I included the other two, but from the distance we were at nobody would have noticed. I was pointing at Gary when I saw them in Newcastle, and probably Leeds as well, because I was on his side of the stage both times.

16) Tell Me What To Do
"Anyone from Australia?"

First time I saw him it was the only one I didn't know. Four hours later I had it.

17) I Think We're Alone Now (live session)
Coming back from deepest darkest wherever the fuck it was to pick up a table my mother had bought on ebay (it's a nice table), I'd been sat in a Transit van all day, and it was fun at first but it had tired very quickly. We were in slowish traffic on the motorway and I was starting to feel ill. And then I started messing with the radio and found them doing a live session on Radio 2. Fan-bloody-tastic, I cheered right up. I'd almost forgotten about it until someone uploaded this a few weeks, if not months, later.

18) Silver And Gold
The food lesson after we saw them for the first time. Steph and I had been there, we could have talked about Kaiser Chiefs because it was them we were there to see, but no, we talked about Duels. This was her favourite. I don't listen to it much and it seems all but dead now, but now I'm listening to it I can remember why we got hooked.
Because the other song I remembered was a little ditty called What We Did Wrong, that's why. :P

19) Ring a Ding Ding
Seeing them with Belle and Sebastian? Are you in British Sea Power? Do you have sex with miners? STROUD AND PROUD! I was actually pushing back through the crowd a while later, to get to the toilet and I saw Eamon at the bar. I noticed his Stroud t-shirt before I saw him.

20) Animal
I am actually amazed that I'm not forcibly reminded of seeing them with the Cribs every time I listen to this. I mean, outside, we heard them soundchecking and heard them doing this song, and then when we got in and they were playing it the voice held out the microphone for me to sing a bit of it. I'd probably squee even more if that happened again. As it is, it reminds me a lot a of the live version they put up for download from the Graham Coxon tour where the loudest thing you can hear just before the beginning is someone yelling 'JIM LICK MY FACE!'...

Of course I'm going past 20, this has actually turned out fun.

21) Hi How Are You
"Let's not do Hi How Are You, I'm not feeling cynical enough."

22) It Ended on an Oily Stage
I guess just seeing them live and being blown away by how good they were. I still don't know many more songs but I'd love to see them again.

23) Haunted

24) Twelve
The pinball video, the music pavement, and the acoustic instore and people knowing the handclaps. If I wasn't so busy handclapping I'd salute them.

25) Signal and Sign
Most definitely seeing them live in Newcastle, in December, when they opened with this.

26) Kids Rebel
I wasn't actually going to use this, becusae I couldn't think of anything it reminded me of, but then I got a sudden mental image of the shredded, beer soaked and generally mulched setlist at the NXSB gig.

27) Once, Twice, Again!
Ahhh. Good times. The handclap in the middle. The reaction whenever they play it live. Just brilliant. And the setlist Becca's got on her wall, I only noticed the other day that, in addition to 'Harbour fucking Harbor, just above that it says 'Twice, Once, Again!'. Silly.

28) Stick Around
This just reminds me of confusing it with Stick Together.

29) Promote the Happy Hours
The instore and looking over Si's shoulder as he changed the tack on the drum machine. I think I knew what song they were playing before Dan and Tom did.

30) The Only Way
"This is the slow one, so you'll need to get yourself a partner..."[/b/


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