Bondy does it again!


1 sept. 2009, 19h24m

Today it's - after months of eager anticipation - finally September 1st: Download Day for the new album from A.A. Bondy - When The Devil's Loose.

It's - again - a masterpiece. Even though I already heard four songs on it (free downloads and various live recordings from 'Mightiest of Guns', 'Oh The Vampyre', 'I Can See The Pines Are Dancing' and 'When The Devil's Loose' the album as a whole still took me by surprize.

The really new tracks, the ones I heard for the first time today, are just as beautiful. 'A Slow Parade', 'To The Morning', 'False River', 'On The Moon', 'The Mercy Wheel', 'The Coal Hits The Fire' and 'All Rise': there isn't a weak song amongst them.

For now I'm going to play it over and over again (just as I did every single day with American Hearts since I first got my hands on that album). Not because I want to be sure that it's a wonderfull record, but to be surprised again... and again... and again.

By the way: this is what the man himself says about the album:

It's 12:52 in the morning and I'm at a hotel in Springfield, Ohio.

My new record is called When The Devil's Loose. To me it sounds like a radio washed ashore after a shipwreck. This whole thing started in upstate New York with snow on the ground. I got out of there, drove around the country for a bit and landed in Water Valley, Mississippi, where I kept working. The days grew longer and the snakes began to wake up. I ate catfish and walked around a lot. We got a lot of rain. The weeds grew at an alarming rate and we finished work one night under a red moon. My last record was called American Hearts. I know people that like it. Fat Possum Records put it out and is releasing When The Devils Loose. My brothers and my friends helped me record this new one. I'd like to thank them for that.

This hotel may have been nice once.


  • lengthtoavoid

    I will chime in and say how infectious AA Bondy can be -- I literally must rip myself away from his work. I am not sure where I would be these days without his songs.

    1 oct. 2009, 14h05m
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