• Haters

    10 jui. 2006, 2h12m

    It's funny, you see a bunch of people running around, talking about how someone's music taste is inferior to theirs. "Oh, you listen to Ashlee Simpson (or Pussycat Dolls or Britney Spears or Paris Hilton or whoever else), your music taste sucks!" Normally, they include an insult or two, and then they'll tell you to listen to rock music.

    Here's what I find funny about that. Besides the fact that I don't care what people think about what I listen to - yes, I know my music taste is effeminate, but as I said, I don't care - it's just stupid, lol. The flavor of the month, whoever it is, is likely to get some plays here on from me - why is that any of your concern? It's cute that you are all trying to save the world of their "horrible" music taste, one last.fmer at a time, but the fact is, all ya'll are doing is turning people off from listening to the music you're suggesting.

    Here's an idea!

    "Hey, you should check out so-and-so - they're a bit different than your average artist, but here's why I like them, so check 'em out!"

    Now, that might make me want to check out the artist or genre being suggested, but funnily enough, dissing me and my music tastes and then telling me to change is the route that they choose to take - and it ain't gonna work for me! The more negative comments I see on an artists' page - or on my own shoutbox - the more I'll be convinced to listen to what I listen to!

    Yes, I've been defending my favorite artists (and others who aren't so much favorites, just that I like 'em enough), and it has lead to me being attacked on my shoutbox. Honestly, if anything, this makes me more determined to support my favorite artists, because the only thing that's happening is that the bashers - ranging in age and location, so I'll give them props for their diversity - are proving that I got to them enough to make them feel the need to retaliate.

    So in conclusion, I'll just say - feel free to attack me all you want on my shoutbox. The fact is, my top artists aren't gonna change, and I'm gonna do nothing but sit back and laugh at the immature fools who attempt to change my music tastes via personal attacks.

    Keep at it! I'm lookin' forward to it. :)