• Scobbling again from both ipod and OU proxy

    22 jui. 2008, 8h48m

    So this new design doesn't float my boat but the ability to scrobble again more than makes up for it.

    For reference, to connect to via the OU proxy..

    (ticked) Manual
    Port: 80
    Username: (blank)
    Password: (blank)
  • wont scrobble my tunes!

    6 mars 2008, 8h36m

    For some reason wont scrobble from my work machine or my ipod. These are where I listen to the majority of my tunes!

    It does scrobble anything I listen to on my home imac via itunes. Interestingly though, that same itunes wont scrobble anything on my ipod when i connect to it.

    My work machine is a Windows PX running the lastest version of windows media player. The plugin is enabled, the app knows what im listening to and says it's scrobbling. But it isnt and its also not getting the bios of the artists im listening to. At the bottom of the app box it says 'contacting radio service' but never seems to get anywhere.

    I've got the proxy settings set to automatic which appears to work (if i set it to manual it get a 'you cant connect' message).

    All out of ideas. Seems that this page is stuck in a static state. A kind of time capsule of what i was listening to a while back.

    Maybe it will work again soon. Otherwise, move on there's nothing to see here!
  • Raotfl lol omg wtf etc etc..

    12 nov. 2007, 20h59m

    errrrr. yeh! This rules.
  • Erm.. erm...

    23 août 2007, 16h25m

    er. ahem. one two. one two.