Podcasts: Ambient Worlds (ambient & chillout) and ElectronX (Electronica)


4 juin 2007, 21h22m

I was writing down this as a reply post on a group forum and then someone said "Hey, why don't you post it as a journal for your friends?" and here I am... :-)

I met two great podcasts about electronic genres and subgenres, recently: Ambient Worlds and ElectronX. Let's start in order...


Ambient Worlds is a british podcast produced every week by the independent british label Astranova and divided in several shows of one complete hour of music (also because is broadcasted by some radio here and there, such as the italian Radio Venere of Bologna, in example).
At the moment I'm writing you may find already more than 20 issues (26 if I'm counting right).

The genres featured: Ambient, Lounge, Ambient-Jazz, Chillout, World Fusion, with a special attention on the ambience.

My opinion: I did check it cause they decided to feature a track of my band and... WOAH! I was blown away by the GREAT stuff they've put inside it! 8-) I listened to every issue already 4 or 5 times (and there are 20 already)... and each of them it hosts 1 hour of free and hi-fi music (lo-fi version are available, but with this music genre a bit of patience to download the 96 or 128 kbps is recommended)!

My Vote: 5 stars out of 5! ...and it's for FREE!

So, for the ones who may be interested in it, I suggest you to try the iTunes link and subscribe it: every issue is full of absolutely GREAT music! :-)


or check the ones who make it every two weeks:

Some title example of the shows now available:
Mystic Worlds - Journey to Enlightenment
Time Spirit
Copernican Movement
Distant Destinations

and there are many, MANY more...

Similar style artists (if you like them check it out) and/or some of the artists inside: Buddha Bar, Cafe Del Mar, Mediterranea, Scott Hill, Romaniacs, The Wimshurst's Machine, Moby, Pasco, David Arkenstone, Clannad, Robert Miles, The Alan Parsons Project, Corrado Rossi, Gotan Project, Mike Oldfield, Bjarne O., Tinariwen, Cocteau Twins, Massive Attack, Morcheeba, Skye, Cirque Du Soleil, Kitaro.

E L E C T R O N - X

ElectronX is a podcast run by the talented ducth electronic musician patric Bakkenist but it showcase much more than his music (who is great, to my eyes).

Also this podcast is powered by iTunes and is downloadable for free. Full of great music, it shares with the previous one I've described just the length (1 hour) without of course any advertising. Here we have around 20 issues (guess they're posted once every two weeks or so) and the music showcased is absolutely GREAT, but quite more movemented respect the previous one.

The genres featured: Electronica and every electronic-intende genre (including some Trance, Techno, Ambient, but always with a special attention on the Electronic side).

My opinion: I fell in love for this podcast. I'm downloading every issue! :-)

My vote: 5 stars out of 5!

You may find the playlist contents here:

Here the iTunes link:

and here the Garagebaand.com link:

Similar style artists (if you like them check it out) and/or some of the artists inside: Jean Michel Jarre, Alan Parsons, Tangerine Dream, Divinorum, Kraftwerk, Demiurgo, Jihel, Maya Sky, dcallen, Musetta, CLING, Frankie Ho, Vangelis, David COnley, Coven, Techno Squirrels, Verbal Kint, Dog Of The Moon, Sheeva Lounge, Thievery Corporation.


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